Art Eggs Inspired by Ellsworth Kelly


These art eggs are inspired by the American minimalist, Ellsworth Kelly. In my last video, I discussed the philosophy of naturalism and how Ellsworth Kelly’s work exemplifies it. As a Christian, I am passionate about the intersection of the arts and faith. I’d love to hear your feedback!

If you’d like to paint some modern art eggs of your own, you can find plain white wooden eggs at Hobby Lobby, as well as the Master’s Touch acrylic colors. They lend well to the imitation of Kelly’s bright hues and simple forms. The 1/4″ red tape is also from Hobby Lobby.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by to see my art!  ~Scarlett
DSCF6122 DSCF6128
IMG_4800kelly eggs

Easter Eggs Inspired by the Blanton Museum of Art


It’s not easy coming up with unique Easter egg projects!   Every year I try to come up with an inspiration for Easter eggs that I haven’t seen before.  Not an easy task!

Using metallic blue and white acrylic paints, I set out to paint some eggs inspired by the Blanton Museum of Art. The atrium of the BMoA features an installation of poured acrylic slats adhered to the walls, created by artist Teresita Fernandez. It’s called “Stacked Waters“.

I mixed up three shades of blue and sketched the design on the egg lightly in pencil.


Using a small, flat paint brush, I added varying shades of blue in horizontal segments, just like the walls of the museum.






To add some variety to the basket, I also rolled some of the eggs around in the leftover paint for fun.  They definitely have the “Stacked Waters” look!

DSCF4894 DSCF4888
Thanks for stopping by and looking at my Easter egg project for 2016. Have a blessed Easter weekend!  ~Scarlett

Blanton eggs 1

Tin Can Bird Feeder

This project is a great way to up-cycle your tin cans.

All you need is a few tools and you can create cute little bird feeders.

To decorate my feeder I used polka-dot tape and red hemp cord.

First punch a hole in the can with an awl…

Using a strong cutter (mine are Cutco scissors which can easily cut tin) cut a hole in the front…

I used a regular hole-punch to punch holes at the top of the can.

I wrapped the edges in tape so nobody’s beak get scratched!


I wrapped a soft piece of yellow yarn around the edges toward the back to make extra sure they were covered well.  I have a ‘thing’ about rough metal edges…they make me nervous!

With needle-nose plyers, I folded this piece in half and pinched it down…

Then I made another hole with the awl and stuck an old golf tee in it, adding a little glue around the hole.




And here’s a little trick to keep the bird-seed from spilling out of the hole when you hang your feeder.  Take a plastic medicine cup and hot-glue it on the inside of the can, right above the hole.

Be sure and cover the top of your feeder, too.  I used some netting I had, held on by a rubber band.

Fill your feeder with seed and enjoy some new  feathered guests in your yard!

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my project, I hope you’re having a great weekend!

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On the Music Player:  The Austin Troubadorsa local group based here in Austin, TX, specializing in music from the Middle Ages and Rennaisance.  This track is called “Pessamezzo” found on their first CD,  “Meditarranean Journey”.


Wall Art with Fiber Paste, Stamps, and Paint

Instead of sketching a design, I’ll often cut out paper and play around with the pieces until I like the composition.

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution to rid my home of mass produced art, I made this simple wall art for my downstairs powder room.  The more I put original art in my home, the more I like it!

I started with a framed canvas, 24″ x 20″ .  I brushed some acrylic paint over it, keeping it darker toward the bottom third.

When the paint was dry I brushed a thick layer of fiber paste all over the canvas and then ‘sketched’ the stem and leaves with the handle of the paintbrush.

I used some butterfly rubber stamps and stamped them carefully, right into the wet paste.

After the paste was dry I took some acrylic paint and added color.


I sponged around the edges with watered-down paint (raw sienna).  FYI~ The fiber paste ruins the sponge!

And here’s my new piece of wall art for my powder room! I’m moving most of my home decor into a more neutral direction.

Thanks for stopping by to see my project, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!