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“The Whole Idea of Art”

Controversial Art Exhibit at Grantleigh School Recently, an art exhibit caused considerable debate at a Christian school in South Africa. Thanks to Lisa Q. at Think Divinely, for pointing me to the story.  Why the controversy? The exhibit featured several copies of classical compositions of Christian art where God the […]

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Uno Que Falta (One Missing)

Over the last 18 months, I’ve continued to use art and painting to process the loss of my young son. This painting is another attempt to convey my feelings.  It’s simple, really. Having three living children does not diminish the loss of my youngest. Geese often represent providence in Christian […]


Martilena Handmade Bags

Don’t you love diaper bags that don’t LOOK like diaper bags? Here is my lovely diaper bag I ordered from Martilena in a gorgeous jewel-toned paisley fabric. Martilena lets you choose the style and size of the bag you want, and then comes the fun part.  You pick your favorite fabric from thousands […]