Chatelaine for the Artist

I still play.  I create things that are totally unrealistic and completely impractical,  just for fun.

I was watching Dowton Abbey and  noticed a chatelaine, worn by the housekeeper, Mrs Hughes.

Chatelaines were a ‘useful’ form of jewellery, worn when women’s clothing had no pockets. They were dangled from the waist, their chains carrying small items. Chatelaines were common in the 18th century but enjoyed revivals at various times during the Victorian era.

I wondered:  What about a chatelaine for the artist? A romantic little tool kit of supplies to wear?

And that’s how I came to collect pieces of chain, jump rings, wires, and loose leaf rings to try and create an artist’s chatelaine, complete with all the necessities one would need to capture a scene at the very moment of inspiration.

A small tube of chalks and drawing papers…


A ‘view-finder’ to help with narrowing down the landscape until you find the perfect composition to draw…

A pencil…

And sharpener…

And a blending stump is always nice to have for the chalks…

And there it is. My very rough prototype of a chatelaine for the artist.

It could be spectacular with the right tools and equipment.


I can’t help but imagine how incredible this idea could become in the hands of a true jewelry and metal-work artist like Luthien Thye.  When I see her creations I’m always amazed at the range of her skill and variety of materials.  If you’ve never seen her work, it’s worth your time.

I appreciate you visiting my blog and always love to hear from you.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love this idea! Love chatelaines for stitchers and one for artists could be perfect!

  2. This is such a great idea! I learned something new today 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!! ~Sophia

  3. Ah, the chains that bind our hearts!

  4. Del Marie

    This is a clever idea. I can see mine with a small pallete of dried alcohol inks, a blender marker, watercolor paper, and a small sketching pencil. I’d use it for impromptu watercolor painting.

  5. How very creative and clever of you my dear. This artist chatelaine is a wonderful idea. I can see you never being without one. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts…

  6. lOVEly! I would wear want a wardrobe of these-lol!

    I love your skirt or is it a dress?!
    Gorgeous Scarlett!

  7. Both charming and romantic, oh yes, and practical!

  8. I too love to create things that are totally unrealistic and completely impractical, just for fun….but WOW…this is neither…it is soooo Clever! What a wonderful creation…I LOVE it!! …and your post and pictures are gorgeous too ( and so is that beautiful skirt!!) Jan x

  9. Um, can we talk about the skirt? Just saying – I would steal it from your closet if I had the chance :))))
    AND another brilliant idea from the creative mind of you! I just love it, xoxo

  10. Hi Scarlett … how fascinating taking a chatelaine out of the era into the 21st century .. really fun to see how you created the concept and pulled it off …

    Love the photos too … cheers Hilary

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