Christmas Coloring Page, Inspired by the Picture Bible of King Louis IX

Merry Christmas, Saint Louis,  by Scarlett Clay

Here’s a FREE coloring page, inspired by the Crusader Bible of King Louis IX. You can learn more about the 13th century French picture bible here.

Merry Christmas! Joyeaux Noel!

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  1. Hi Scarlett – I love the Medieval and early Medieval too – illustrations they are just so amazing – even now hundreds of years later. I see the Bible is in the Pierpoint Morgan Library in New York .. I love being able to see these works of art … and what a fun idea to create a colouring book for them. These colouring books seem to be the trend now – they’re all over the place …

    Have a lovely Christmas and New Year … and all the best for a very happy 2016 – with love and hugs to the family and you – cheers Hilary

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