All written content and photographs, unless otherwise stated, are by Scarlett Clay.

If you would like to share or use any of the images on this blog, please accompany it with my name, along with the link to my blog page.  No content from this site may be distributed in any way without permission, or used in any commercial activity.

In other words, my creative commons license specifies:

NON-DISTRIBUTION  ~which means you can’t make money off my stuff.

CLEAR ATTRIBUTION   ~which means you need to state my name, Scarlett Clay, and include the link back clearly.

Please see the following guidelines for more information-

Thank you!


Scarlett Clay

8 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Thank you, Scarlett, for having such a great site! I was advised by a well-respected writer and English teacher (my uncle’s new wife) that I definitely needed to copyright my material. I had searched, but couldn’t find anything that applied to me.

    And then I look at your site: Voila!! You’ve got it! You are such a godsend – you are so creative and inspirational (not that you’d recognize anything of mine that was inspired by you, though!!)

    Keep up the good work and God bless you-


  2. Hi, I love you pic of the hands holding candy corn. We are a fansite for Crystal Bowersox. I would love to possibly use this pic on twitter for one day (Candy Corn Day). I’ll be glad to tweet where I got it. Would this be sufficient to use your pic?

    BTW, my inlaws are outlaws, LOL….but it’s my legal name!!

    1. @kelly –I’m so glad you liked the Proverbs photos–thanks for letting me know, I can’t wait to read your post! I really appreciate you letting me know. ~Scarlett

  3. Hi Scarlett!
    I adore these cut pouches you have made! Thanks for the Tut! I am featuring you on my blog in a “Denim Days” jeans re-purposing piece. I just love this idea! The post will be up on Oct. 30th if you would like to take a look! Thank you for all your great IDEAS! I do know with a handicap, moments of time to craft are pleasurable. ~CJD.Sign <3

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