Distich Flash Cards

distich 1

A distich is two lines of Jewish poetry.  You are probably familiar with distiches if you have read through Proverbs.  As our family has read through Proverbs the last few months, I noticed that there were several different ways these two lines of poetry were arranged.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that there are, in fact, 7 different types of distiches in Proverbs.  This prompted me to make an artistic set of flash cards teaching this interesting bit of Bible trivia.  I tried to stick with a monochromatic blue color scheme as best I could, but it is hard for a rainbow lovin’ gal like me to stick to just one color. I assembled them just as I would any ATC project, using playing cards as the base. They are held together by a single metal ring I found in my junk drawer and then covered with lots of blue fibers and ribbons.

distich 2

The first card has a tiny envelope which contains a small folded guide with the names of the 7 types of distiches, along with a brief explanation of each one.

disctich 3

distich 4

The cards themselves contain an example of each different type, literally taken straight from the text,  in the order they are listed on the sheet.  For example, the first type is called a ‘synthetic’ distich-in which both lines have Truth of Doctrine, yet they are not atithetical or synonymous.  The first card has an example-“Stern discipline awaits him who leaves the path; he who hates correction will die”.  The next six cards give examples for the  antithetical, synonymous, integral, parabolic, comparative, and reciprocal distiches resepctively.

disctich 4

distich 5

distich 7

distich 8

disctich 9

distich 10

distich 11

Hope you enjoyed looking at those! And I also hope you don’t think I’m too geeky for making this. I’m an English major, and an Aggie at that, so interesting facts about language and writing really float my boat.  I don’t imagine I’ll be getting any orders for distich flash cards anytime soon, but I had fun making these and learned a lot as always.

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