Drawing Expressive Portraits

Here it is as promised.  The best book I’ve ever come across on the subject of drawing faces is Drawing Expressive Portraits by Paul Leveille.  It was given to me by a friend of mine from Germany who is quite a talented artist herself.

This book has everything the ambitious artist needs to start drawing realistic faces:

*Basic Drawing Techniques

*Head Proportions

*Drawing the Features

I refer back to this chapter over and over again!



*Working from a model

*Drawing the portrait step by step

Mr. Leveille includes encouraging comments that have kept me trying, even when I get discouraged.

Here’s some encouragement for you if you are taking on the challenge of learning to draw:

“The more you draw, the more your hand-eye coordination will improve.” 

“While learning to draw portraits, remember that you are not in a race.  Relax and progress at your own pace.” 

“As long as you keep drawing, you will move forward!”


  1. Barbara Narducci

    How much and can I just send a money order?

  2. @Barbara –Hi there! Just click on the title, or search it on Amazon.com and you’ll easily find it. It’s a great book!

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