“Ducks at Sunset”- Art Activity for Kids


I found this really great pop-art piece by artist, Walt Curlee.  I loved the colors and the simplicity of the design.

It’s not always easy finding inspiration for my young artist, but this was perfect.

I printed out a sample of the piece as a guide. He picked out the the colors he saw in the background. Using watercolor crayons, he began to draw the sunset…

Then he used his water pen to blend the colors into a beautiful sunset of pink and purple….


Next, he practiced drawing the shape of the flying ducks.  It’s hard to get them to look right!


He got a bit frustrated, so I let him get a feel for drawing the shapes by tracing some of them. This helped!dscf5594

After he was comfortable drawing the ducks, he took a pencil and drew the reeds, leaves, and ducks. Finally, he filled in all the shapes with a dark gray brush pen.

I think he did a great job! This is my third young artist to attend “Mom’s Art School’, and we’re having a great time experimenting and learning new techniques.  Next week, we’re going to try to paint some trees with faces in them.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Fall.     ~Scarlett


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