Easter Bunny Stick Puppet

Have you ever seen stick puppets?  I discovered them recently in a book.

You hold the puppet with one hand and a stick with the other.  When you push the stick up a little clown or something pops up and you can make it dance around.  They’re cute!

Here’s my version of an Easter bunny stick puppet.

I used 3/4 of a paper roll for this project and my bunny measures 4″ x 2.5″.

I’m going to let the photos show you the process, but if you have any questions about this project feel free to ask.  As with all crafty things, it can be done many different ways.


Be sure and reinforce the bunny around the skewer/dowel  to hold it in place. I also dabbed some craft glue around it as well.



Rcycling my daughter’s pink tights she’s outgrown…




My kiddo giving it a try…

Hope you’re having a great week. I appreciate you coming by to see my projects!


  1. so fun ! I love how happy your son is~
    He is adorable and the bunny is cute, too ;D
    Happy Easter to you n’ yours!

  2. Floy Height

    Cute! Jack is a great little demonstrator!

  3. This is really cute!!! Looks like your son love it too!!!! Fantastic!!! ~Sophia

  4. Patricia G. Quinones Flores

    Nice !! !!!! Its darling and your Son great !!!! Blessings , and happy Easter !!! and Lovely music !!!!

  5. Super Fun project, Scarlett! Love the way it pops up!

    If I dont get to say so beforehand, hope you and your precious family have a joyous Easter celebration! Much Love from Oz.. xoxo

  6. He’s sooooo cute! And the bunny is too! LOVE IT! ~Sue

  7. Hi Scarlett .. we used to have something similar as kids … but your one is lovely – what a great idea. Children would love those .. especially being able to create stories or plays with them using the various characters or animals ..

    I love the way you’ve decorated him and your son is obviously impressed – and you’ve got sun!!! and no snow ….

    Have a happy Easter together … cheers Hilary

  8. So cute! Love it! Hope y’all have a great Easter!

  9. I love the simple joys of childhood. Your bunny stick puppet is precious. Happy Hopping and may you enjoy an Eggscellent Easter.

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