Simple Easter Tags with Marjolein Bastin Stickers

I made these Easter tags for Knox’s therapists.  They are all so kind and caring and we appreciate them so much.  Right now he has an OT (occupational therapist), a VI (vision therapist), an AI (hearing therapist), an OM (orientation and mobility), and a PT (physical therapist).  Wonderful ladies!

Marjolein Bastien is one of my favorite artists.  When I saw these M.B. stickers I knew they would make super sweet tags.

I kept them simple, covering shipping tags in pastel papers and using scallop scissors and punches.  The stickers are so beautiful all by themselves, I didn’t need to do much.



Hope you’re having a wonderful week! Thanks for visiting!



  1. Gorgeous tags you’ve made, awesome idea! I have some stickers similar, I will have to get them out and use them!

  2. Precious 🙂 Madison and I got these same stickers for the teacher gifts for Easter….Aren’t they so pretty? I just love the way you made the tags so special for Knox’s therapists. How sweet are you! TOO sweet!! xoxo

  3. Those are so cute, so nice, adorable!!!!!!!

  4. These tags are so adorably cute. I am dutch, as is Marjolein and I know her art since I can remember. Magazines, mugs, you see her everywhere but you know what? I think I never appreciated it very much until now………………..isn’t that strange?
    Btw, I am not sure but they might even have napkins………………I feel a new canvas coming up 🙂

  5. Beautiful tags that I’m sure they will keep forever! So sweet.

  6. Lovely! Just the sort of Easter art I adore. Will look for this artist now that you have highlighted her work 🙂

  7. I have always loved her artwork too, full of nature and yet always feminine. They are going to love the tags, they are so sweet! t.xoxo

  8. These are just lovely! The stickers are full of the wonder of Easter and the papers you chose on the tags work perfectly together! I love the ribbon you used to finish the tags too! The colors are perfect for Spring. Adorable!

  9. I love how the tags came out. Simple and delicate, and oh so Easter-perfect.

    I love the song you chose to go with the post today too. Makes me want to run out and feel the sun on my face.

  10. My darling scarlett these are simply beautiful and a joy to scroll through while listening to the music you selected I always know where to go to see something wonderful and hear something lovely give everyone a big hug from Aunt Holly

    • @Holly O. –Hi Aunt Holly! I’m so glad you came by my blog (and like it!), that makes me feel really good. 🙂 Love you so much, hope to see you guys around Easter time! Love, Scarlett

  11. Thank you Scarlett, I am not familiar with these…I love them! They seem magical and such wonderful colors!
    I loved the personal effects you added…the small things do make such a difference. I hope everyone loves them, they look like a big hit to me~
    So stunning and portrays the magic of spring!

  12. Love these. They are precious! xoxo

  13. Hi Scarlett .. these are just brilliant and I’m certain the therapists are delighted with the care, love and attention you appreciate them all with .. such a brilliant idea – wish I was that neat!!

    I love the music you have playing too .. always enjoy that and often leave it up for a while!

    Hope you’re enjoying the arrival of Spring and longer daylight .. with many thoughts and hugs – Hilary

  14. My Goodness Scarlett! These are absolutely gorgeous! So pretty and feminine and fresh (LOVE Spring 😉 – they will love their well deserved gifts.
    AND have so much fun on your retreat – I grew up in Santa Ana – how funny is that – I went to college at UC Irvine!

  15. What a lovely gift to give the therapists. Your creativity really shines with these beautiful tags. I too love these images. Happy Spring, Birds that Sing and Flowers that Bloom…

  16. Oh my goodness, those tags are so cute! I’m sure they will love your gifts. I love Marjolein Bastin…she is such a wonderful illustrator. Hope you have a happy weekend 🙂

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