“Endless Summer” ATCs

 They are now having ATC swaps at the local Archivers here in town-yay!  Before this, I’ve only participated in online and personal swaps, so this should be fun!  

 I was told to make 10, which means I’ll get 9 new cards for my collection. (one is for the store) 

 The theme: “Endless Summer”.

The colors: teal, orange, and yellow.

 These are supposed to look like little summer vacation postcards from the seaside.

I knew right away I wanted to use some drink umbrellas. They are so cute!

The background decorative papers are from KC & Company– a new pack called “Que Sera Sera“. 

I used some teal-ish colored Martha Stewart paint cards I had on hand for the sea.

Found these bright floral paper napkins in the kitchen. The yellow flowers made great suns.

Then I added a postal stamp on the upper left.

And some palm branches on the right …

I spread some glue on the ‘beach’ and sprinkled on some sand..(yep, the real stuff)..

I could only find one shell in my stash that was small enough, so this one will be the card for the store.

Thanks for stopping by. I  appreciate your visit to my blog so much. I know that my son’s illness has changed the overall feel of this blog in the last few months.  I’m so thankful some of you have stuck around. xoxo ~Scarlett


  1. Hi Scarlett .. the cards are just beautiful .. so talented .. and enjoy the weekend ..

    You and your son deserve our love, hugs and thoughts … and your creativity is just wonderful to see … Hilary

    • bscarlettc

      @Hilary –Your words are so encouraging and appreciated!
      I have a feeling you are one of those people that make all the people around you feel better!!

      I hope you have a blessed weekend, as well. ~Scarlett

  2. Oh, those are SO adorable!! I love the whimsicality of drink umbrellas. =)

    • bscarlettc

      @Grace–Thanks! I do, too-I have two sizes in my kitchen drawer all the time, large and small ones. They actually make drinks taste better. 🙂

  3. I’m behind; been off camping! These are wonderful…save one to send into Somerset… ;D

    • bscarlettc

      @Ella, Thanks so much, I really do want to take a look at the Somerset challenges coming up. Haven’t heard anything about the paper bags–I’m guessing they’re not using mine ;( Hope you’ve had a great time in the outdoors!

  4. Melanie Keel

    Scarlett these are great. I know I just keep saying how much you blow me away, once again you’ve blown me away with your creativity. You’ve got an eye for common items we’ve all used for years and you make something too cute with it. Love you sweetheart, your so precious to me! Aunt Mel.

    • bscarlettc

      @Melanie–Thanks Aunt Melanie, I see a lot of cute stuff in magazines these days so I’ve always got inspiration. I still wish I could do all the things mother could do :sew, embroider, crochet,etc…but all of those needle arts have never been easy for me. Thanks again and love you too!

  5. Lori Torgerson

    I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you at the recent Archiver’s ATC swap. I’ll have to look though my collection of Somerset Magazines for your articles. Love your blog, and I’m enjoying my new collection of ATC’s.
    See you in August.


    • bscarlettc

      @sharon–Thank you! I’m so glad you stopped by, I appreciate it so much! Have a blessed weekend!

      @Lori–Hi!!! So glad you visited and I am SO excited to be participating in the swaps–I still think your bottle-cap sun is the coolest thing 🙂 See you in August…though I have no idea what to do for the zoo theme yet! ~Scarlett

      @creationsbyteeTee–Thanks a bunch! I’m glad you liked my tiny oceans!

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