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macrame teardrop

I post a lot of drawings on Facebook.

No planning, erasing, correcting, or changing. Just sketch+post.

You can, too.  Forget what anyone else thinks.  Who cares?

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I used to get discouraged and think you had to go to art school to be an artist.

But you don’t.


Drawing doesn’t even take much time if your drawings are small.IMG_20140408_181734

If you decided sometime in the past that you can’t draw, that’s ok.  I’m not a great artist by any stretch, but I still draw.  Why not?DSCF2448

Some of my drawings are rough ideas and I try to get them drawn quickly before I forget them.

Get a pencil and some paper.  Draw whatever comes to mind.  It’s fun and reduces stress.


It can help you communicate without words.

When you start feeling like your drawings are not good enough, take a trip to a contemporary art gallery.  There are sure to be some pieces you don’t like.  

Let the realization hit you: It’s not possible for everyone to like your stuff.

Then draw in that freedom.


Here’s my drawing of Facebook on Facebook


What would yours look like?



  1. Floy Height

    I do that too, just jot down ideas to make before they are gone from my ever more cluttered mind. Some get made, some don’t. Taking drawing lessons has helped me to see. I find myself losing the story in a movie because I am looking at the shape of the lip or a hand gesture and trying to memorize it for the future. It doesn’t come naturally from years of thinking I couldn’t draw. It feels as liberating as learning to use a computer finally.

  2. Understood. 🙂 But I must ask… how are you able to open up your drawings to people? I know that for me, since drawing is a stress reliever sometimes, my sketchbook is much like what a journal is to other people. So showing people what I draw is like telling them what is in a journal. Sometimes I do show them. Other times, I don’t, because I know they’ll say, “that’s great! You’ve got talent!” and things like that. So… is it easy for you to be able to share your drawings? I mean, you obviously share a lot of good ones, but I’m curious as to whether or not you feel the same way sometimes. Or maybe I’m just crazy. 🙂

    • Hi Ellen, I’m so glad you’re still drawing!
      It took a while before I was comfortable sharing. At first, I would agonize over each one, asking myself, “Will people laugh at this?” or ” Will they think I’m trying to show off?” Over time, however, I began to notice that my creative juices flowed faster when I was actively sharing. The emotional release of making art was also heightened when I opened up and shared it. Unlike the blog, I don’t include any explanation or interpretation with the drawings on FB, and that way, I limit my vulnerability. Others can guess what I’m trying to say, but they may or may not be correct. I hope you’ll consider sharing your art and starting your own FB page! 🙂

  3. Hi Scarlett – what a great idea to put out there for us to think about … seemingly colouring has taken off … perhaps after this crazy month has gone by!! Cheers Hilary

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