File Folder with Turtle Postcards

File Folder Set 1

My very creative and artistic friend, Missy Trantham, showed me this awesome video tutorial from Stampington last Friday.  It demonstrates how to make a stationery set holder out of a simple file folder.  It is short and easy!  Now, in the video, they have a gorgeous Cavallini file folder that has a beautiful print on it already.  For my attempt at this project, I just used a simple manilla folder and dressed it up inside and out.  I had a turtle stamp from Oxford Impressions I had been itching to use and this was the perfect project.  Since I didn’t have cards and envelopes to fit into it on hand, I just made post cards instead. I’ll buy a few postcard stamps and slip them into the empty section and it will be ready to go.  This is such a great gift idea!

File Folder Set 2

File Folder Set 3

File Folder Set 4

File Folder Set 5

File Folder Set 7

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  1. Missy Trantham

    The tag is a great addition! I love it! 🙂 For anyone attempting this project, the stationery used in the how-to video seems to be sold out, as I couldn’t find it in the Stampington store online. You can use smaller office envelopes ,#6 3/4 I believe, and just cut your cards to size out of card stock.

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