1. I love this drawing. What a GREAT subject.

  2. The mushroom looks like it’s looking back at the frog. Love it!!! ~Sophia

  3. I left a comment earlier, but I do not see it posted, so I will try again!
    Love the frog! Wonder what he is thinking???

    Do you have frog items for sale?
    Hubby teaches biology/anatomy ( He wants to save the frogs, not dissect them!), and I might find something for him for Christmas!

    • Hi Nancy, Thank so much for your kind words! I appreciate your comment! I don’t have any frog cards in my shop right now but I think this design would make cute cards….I’ll have to get to work! I hope you can find your hubby something fun this season, have a great week! ~Scarlett

  4. Love the fat bellied frog! We have a few of the tiny green tree frogs in our yard. I enjoy their little chirping voices at night as they call to their friends in the neighbor’s pond…probably where they originally came from many frog-generations back. Enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

  5. Ruth Wagner

    I think there should be a book to go with this creative little picture. You are so talented!!

  6. Great green frog, and faces in the shrooms!

  7. Hi Scarlett .. I agree you should be producing stories and books – perhaps anon .. for now you have other important loving things to do …

    You are so talented .. I love Mr/s Frog .. and the shrooms as Annmaree mentions! Cheers Hilary

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