Graduation ’09

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Last night I attended a homeschool graduation ceremony for the first time.  We were invited to see a good friend of mine’s son graduate, along with two others. 

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 I had been prayerfully working on a card for my friend’s son and the thoughts I kept having were all about ‘time’.  Is it possible to convey to young people how precious time is? 

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  One of the reasons I love making cards for people is because I can choose the words.  No soft, sentimental fluff, but rather awe inspiring words of the living God that speak from the page with power!   It was cool how one of the mother’s charges to her son included the same passage I was led to include on the envelope.  The passage is from Psalm 32.

I will instruct you and teach you in

the way you should go;

I will guide you with My eye.

Do not be like the horse or like the mule,

Which have no understanding,

Which must be harnessed with bit

and bridle…”

Now, you won’t read that on any Hallmark cards folks, but that’s what I call a powerful word of exhortation.

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 Congratulations to the Class of 2009!

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  1. Beautiful..and I love the freedom of expression. How awesome that the passage you were led to write was also that of the mother’s words to her son….God is so wonderful.

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