Happy 5th Birthday, Knox


Knox is celebrating his 5th birthday in Heaven today, and we miss him.

We were priveleged to attend the release of 130 newly hatched Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles early yesterday morning.  A crowd gathered along the Padre Island National Seashore and volunteers stood ready to keep the babies safe from seagulls.

More volunteers held up netting for extra protection from birds.  They had hatched just a few hours before sunrise in an incubator at the science center and then they were transported to the nesting ground.  As soon as they were set upon the sand, they began to head for the ocean.


We were told their chances of survival are very slim, so ensuring they make it into the ocean gives them a better chance.  The volunteers stand at the ready until the very last turtle has safely reached the sea. Once they reach the water, they are on their own…
IMG_2421 IMG_2402

As we watched the turtles struggle toward the sea, we were reminded how fragile life is.  They reminded me so much of Knox–small and physically vulnerable, but incredibly strong in spirit.

Here’s  a sandcastle for you, Knox.  We wish you could’ve been here with us, to play in the sand and feel the breeze…

We love you and miss you ~ We wish you a happy birthday and will always celebrate your beautiful life and the priceless time we had with you.

“Short was my life, the longer is my rest,
God takes those soonest whom he loveth best,
Who’s born today, and dies tomorrow,
Loses some hours of joy, but months of sorrow.
Other diseases often come to grieve us,
Death restrikes but once, and that stroke doth relieve us.”






  1. Dear Scarlett … what a lovely tribute and birthday wish for Knox. It must have been lovely being on the shore and watching those little creatures make their way rapidly into the ocean waves – nature is amazing. I’m so pleased you were able to enjoy a special time with others on what is Knox’s birthday … many thoughts – Hilary

  2. My love to you Scarlett, what a beautiful morning it must have been celebrating Knox….so peaceful and meaningful. Think of you often and were sending 5 big birthday kisses to Heaven xxxxx

  3. Kathy Clay

    What a beautiful tribute to our sweet baby Knox. Thank you Scarlett.

  4. lovely memory of a lovely child

  5. Wow! What an incredibly beautiful post… <3

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