Heart Wreath Made From Newspaper

I used a white coat hanger as the form for this wreath, shaping it into a heart with some pliers.

I covered the hanger with newspaper, tacking it down with hot glue.

I colored strips of newspaper with pink food coloring, just like I did for my newspaper flowers and gift wrap.

After the strips dried, I shaped them into different sized roses.

Then I glued the paper roses onto the heart with hot glue, using the pliers to hold them down instead of my fingers (have you learned that lesson, too?)

I glued them randomly around the top half of the heart, adding more paper if needed to make them fuller.

To add some color to the roses, I sprayed some’ “Scarlet’  Glimmer Mist into the center of the roses. I did this by cutting some circles out of a napkin and spraying through the holes. This kept the mist from over-spraying.

I think they look really pretty after the Glimmer Mist is added!

Finally, I added a baby pink satin bow at the top.

This week has flown by hasn’t it?

My daughter is currently working on a self-portrait in the style of Frida Kahlo.  We’ve been learning about Kahlo and her work this week and it’s been interesting for me since I didn’t know much about her.

Hopefully, she’ll let me share her portrait with you soon!

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. gorgeous!

  2. So lovely!!! Thanks <3

  3. Your wreath is gorgeous. Love how you added the extra color in the centers of the roses.

    • @Delores–I appreciate it! Isn’t Glimmer Mist the coolest stuff ever? I keep finding more ways to use it… 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend! Scarlett

  4. This is so BEAUTIFUL! That pink bow really sets it off and makes it look very professional.

    • @Renee –You are kind, thank you! I had been saving that pink ribbon (from a gift) for a looooong time, finally found a use for it! Appreciate your encouragement so much!

  5. This is stunning; I might make this one…I will credit you on my blog, if I do!

    I love it, Scarlett glimmer mist! 😀

    • @Ella –I know, when I saw that ‘Scarlet’ mist in the store I was like “where’s my coupon!?” 🙂 Thanks so much!

  6. Love it, Love it, Love it!!

  7. What a fabulous way to recycle and re-use! This heart is gorgeous! I may have to try that one.

  8. You know how much I love newsprint! beautiful in pink. ~s

  9. Hi Scarlett .. love this … and the glimmer mist does add depth to the rose doesn’t it – it looks superb – lovely Valentine’s Day wreath.

    Kahlo is an interesting artist – I know little about her too – but she’s bold in her colours and very primitive in her style … I rather like it. Looking forward to see your daughter’s self-portrait ..

    Cheers and have a lovely weekend .. Ella’s done you proud on her blog .. Hilary

    • @Hilary –I appreciate it, Hilary and thanks for the head’s up about the post, it was great, really nice and such a treat for me. Yep, I’m becoming more interested in Kahlo the more I read..she used art to cope and I can totally relate to that these days. Thanks again, I’ll be over to learn new things at your wonderful site soon!

  10. This is so NICE!!! it is like the gift packaging and I love that…I need to get some dye and try some things!!! Great inspiration!! Thanks for sharing this… a smaller version of this would make a great gift topper too!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Scarlett!! 🙂 and yes I am a HUGE Frida fan too…I hope you post her finished portrait when she is done…:)

    • @Linda –Great idea! You know how I love little things..I should’ve saved the scraps and made some tiny ones, too!! I agree, too cute on a package…have to remember that next time! Thanks for coming by and hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  11. What a great way to make a newspaper look beautiful! I love it. Oh, I hope your daughter wants to share her Frida inspired portrait. I would love to see it. 🙂

  12. oh, you are wonderfully talented! I can imagine your home is just so lovely!

    • @Daniele –You are so sweet, and only imagination could make my home lovely , LOL, seriously my house is nothin’ fancy. My studio is half a table and the top of my dryer, but nobody knows that…hee hee 🙂 Have a fun weekend! I’ll be over to visit soon and see what you’re up to. 🙂

  13. You never cease to amaze and inspire!

  14. Melanie Keel

    So pretty looks Victorian. Love this Valentine Heart!

  15. This is so gorgeous and shabby romantic looking. Thanks for showing us how.

  16. Of course you did. Such beauty simply abounds in your home and head! This is brilliant and ever so pretty! xoxo

  17. So simple, so elegant, so creative! Beautiful!

  18. Beautiful wreath!!! Love the glimmer mist!!! ~Sophia

  19. Featured your beautiful heart on our creative blog ‘Deze is ook leuk’ today
    Just used one photo (thxs!) and linked back to this post. Thanks a lot for sharing this tutorial with us!

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