Holiday Clothespins

I know, I know. It’s too early for Christmas, but you know how these art magazine challenges go. The holiday stuff needs to be sent in now!

I’m submitting these for the ‘Homemade Holiday” challenge for Somerset Life, so think  *holidays* for just a few minutes.

I took plain wooden clothespins and clipped them on a line outside and let them age for 3 months.

Then I gave them a wash of antique white.


I decorated these clothespins with embroidery thread, wire, beads, tissue tape, and a few other odds and ends.  Last but not least, I sprinkled them with some frosty crystal glitter.

I recycled these magnetic calendars from last year, gluing pieces onto the backs of the pins.

Now they can be used as magnets, too.

A set of three would make a wonderful gift.

They can be used to display photos on the refrigerator, as a pretty embellishment on a package,  an easy way to clip a gift card onto the tree…I’m sure you can come up with many more uses for holiday clothespins!

This package is wrapped in butcher paper, netting from a bag of onions, and then tied with some tulle scraps, with the clothespin clipped on.


Thanks so much for coming by~

And if you’re visiting for the first time, please leave a comment so I can return the visit and see what you’re working on!


  1. Very pretty! I didn’t know there was tape that looks like newsprint! I like the snowy effect very much!

  2. your pins are lovely
    and charming
    wishing you the best with the magazines.

  3. So cute! How do you find the time? Do you have an art studio? I wish I could do crafty projects, but my kitchen table would never be cleared off! Maybe someday soon… 🙂

    • Scarlett

      @Stephanie –Well,I find the time because I just have to, you know? I have to have some creative time as a ‘get away’ even if it’s just for a few minutes at night. I’ve learned to work quicker, too. Nope, no studio..and yep, I make a mess on the kitchen table and then clean it all up again. My dryer is usually covered with several works in progress, as well…ahhh. to have a studio, we’ll just have to dream together. 🙂

  4. Oh, this are so gorgeous. I just have been doing some myself but this is totally different and I am inspired!!!! Thanks

  5. mandy snow


  6. these are just wonderful! love every one of them…tfs

  7. It is never too early for Christmas!!! LOL these are gorgeous!! Where did you get the tape with the print on it…I love that…

    • Scarlett

      @Linda -Thanks so much, they’re easy to make! The tapes with print and sheet music are Tim Holz tissue tape, got them at Michael’s. Thanks again!

  8. These are beautiful, sure love the added glitter. I love that magazine so will be looking for them when it comes out.

  9. These are very pretty I, too will look for these to grace their pages… 😀

  10. Girl, you have the most creative mind,
    No! It is never to early to be thinking or creating for Christmas. I love making Christmas things on a very hot summer day. Just cools me off and renews my spirit.
    I love all the things you have created, Ah! to be that good.
    i think we need to rent a hall and we could all share it as our studio.
    Big hug

  11. Too cute and beautiful as always! You keep up the art work and I’ll keep working in my flower beds…each is a good stress reliever!

  12. Beautiful and creative as always! This would make a lovely feature in the magazine because it’s inspirational and unique! I recently was searching a messageboard on Washi tape (or tissue tape in this case) and people were trying to come up with ways to use it other than on cards and scrapbook pages. You have come up with a very clever use for decor which I would never have thought of! Love this project and best wishes on the magazine submission!!! I’m rooting for you! ~Vanessa

  13. um… GORGEOUS! I would expect nothing less my dear! I can’t wait to see these in SL!!!

  14. WoW, very beautiful! =) You are just creative and it was fun to see the step by step! 🙂

    Thanks for your comments! 🙂

  15. Very versatile, pretty and useful. Lovely details.

  16. Scarlett, these are adorable!! I love the colors and the bits of sparkle. Such a great way to display holiday photos. I love it!

  17. They’re taking submissions for the holidays now? Wow, haha. I never realized how early they take these submissions. I hope you get published! I love your clothespin set. The tapes are awesome, do you make them yourself? You really are amazingly talented Scarlett.

  18. Hi Scarlett – you are so clever in coming up with these ideas – they make such a simple present … lots of work to make, but such fun to give .. especially as they can be used ‘forever’ after …

    Good luck with the submission .. cheers Hilary

  19. Great idea I have all the raw materials for this so I might try it. Such a clever idea to cut up the old magnetic calendars would never have thought of it. Your music is always so lovely so calming and restful.

  20. Your clothespins are delightful. It is never too early to begin on gifts for holidays or birthdays. I always enjoy my visits with you here on your blog. Thank you. May you have a wonderful Mother’s Day my Dear…

  21. Oh yay! These are GORGEOUS!!! AND I LOVE the chunky glitter and the recycled magnetic calendar! You are so CLEVER and so creative and have such an elegant eye. So looking forward to seeing these in print, xoxo

  22. I thought these were so unique that I just had to pin them on Pinterest. I want you to know that it is by far the most repinned post. I’m having a crafty get together with friends and I think we are going to try and make some of these. Visit our blog to see what we’re up to: Can’t wait them in the magazine!

  23. I love them!!!
    Thank you for this good idea!

  24. Beth Parente

    Can you tell me how you got the glitter on? What kind of glue. I love these
    Maybe step by step dire tions. I am not very good without them

    Thank you
    Beth parente

    • @Beth Parente –Hi Beth, I just used an all-purpose clear craft glue…dabbed it on in a few random spot and sprinkled the crystal disco glitter on and let it dry for a few minutes. I was trying to give it a ‘frosty’ look. 🙂 I glued on the text first,then added the wire and embellishments onto the end, and then added the glitter last. Thanks for coming by!

      • Beth Parente

        Scarlett, where did you get the text? Did you print it yourself?

        • @Beth Parente –For these I cut them out of one of my “junk books”(a collection of old paperbacks I have just for cutting out words and phrases) but printing it out would work fine, too…I’d do it on cardstock though, not regular printing paper.

  25. These are too cute. My sister and I needed an easy craft for a day of crafting in October (: thanks

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  27. Maila mazzuccati

    Grazie, mi piace la delicatezza e la poesia col quale hai riciclato tante cose,creando una serie di mollette armoniose oltre che bellissime.mi lascerò inspirare

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