Homemade Baby Mobile

Last week my baby’s eyes were born anew and he began to see for the first time!  After double cataract surgeries, in which his lenses were permanently removed,  he was fitted with tiny contact lenses which will serve as his eyes for now.

Now that he is beginning to see the world around him, we decided that he needed some visual stimulation! We set to work with four coat hangers, blue duct tape, and a myriad of craft materials to make an optically enticing mobile just for him.  Here’s some pics of the project…










  1. Fantastic project for the beautiful bundle!!!

    Hope he gains much joy from it!!!

  2. You are so creative. Love the mobile. So happy to hear that your baby can see now.

    Keep writing and creating, I love getting your post in my mailbox.


  3. Mrs. Clay! that looks MARVELOUS!! Thanks for posting!!!

  4. Missy Trantham


    What a beautiful mobile!! What a blessed boy to have such a loving and artistic mom!!

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