If the Quran was a Cookbook-An Allegory

A long time ago, in a faraway land, there was a very old cookbook. This ancient culinary text was written by a man who said the recipes contained within were given to him by a god.  For many centuries, the cookbook is passed down through generations of those who value the sacred art of culinary devotion; even to this day, it is the primary cookbook to millions who, wishing to taste of divine food, use it and cook its distinctive recipes. But there is something within the ancient cookbook that few know about, outside of the elitist culinary schools of its culture. There are some recipes in the book that actually contain poisonous ingredients.

Of course, some prudent chefs over the centuries have altered the recipes. Some have removed the toxic ingredients from their particular copies, only keeping those recipes that have proven to be harmless and satisfying. But for many of them, the cooking schools they have attended appeal to tradition and commitment to the past, and this includes the ancient recipes. They teach that these poisonous ingredients are necessary to make the dishes correctly and to be the best possible chef, one must adhere to the original instructions.  Even though the recipes are harmful,  and the truth about them has become more and more accessible to the world at large, there are still devoted chefs and cooking instructors who insist the dishes be prepared according to the ancient book!

They spread out across the world and open their cooking schools and their restaurants. People actually die eating these dishes. In truth, thousands upon thousands of people die from these recipes. And yet, the restaurants that serve these meals are not closed. The cooking schools remain open. The chefs are not put in jail, though they are committed to the original recipes no matter the consequences.

At first, deaths are attributed to fluke food poisonings. A few times, the chefs themselves have been accused of having a mental illness of various kinds. But after the number of deaths came to total in the hundreds each and every month, the legal authorities had no choice. Finally, after enough people had died…

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