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I was kicked out of church a few years ago.

I didn’t create any art about it when it happened, but I’ve continued to think about it a lot. It changed my life.

There are so many ways we can communicate what is in our hearts and minds: drawing, painting, singing, acting….

In trying to share this story, writing seemed like the best medium. You can read the story at Desiring God.

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  1. This was a great post!! Thank you for sharing a piece of your personal journey with God!

  2. Growing up, we belonged to a Baptist Church, I was very young at the time, 3-4 years old, I remember going to pre-school there but that is about it. My Mom was kicked out of the church when her and my Dad divorced. I see where your message is going and I am so glad that you have found your way back to God!! I personally disagree with a lot of the Baptist beliefs/ways. I live in America and I live in the Bible Belt as they call it. I personally feel like the Minister and the Elder should have reached out to you, to comfort you in your time of need! That is what a church family is for and does!! It is to help one another, especially in crisis, not to shun them. My Mother was very active in Church events, socials, gatherings, ect. I really believe that because she was kicked out, she lost respect, hope and trust for church. But I am so so very thankful that before she passed away (pancreatic cancer) she made peace with the Lord. I haven’t been through such hard and tragic events that you have but I have been through a lot in my life, a lot of hard times, grief, loss and am going through one of the hardest things in my life at this moment and I don’t know that it will have a good outcome. I am trying so so very hard to not question God, to not lose hope. It’s so hard. Thank you for sharing your story!! I am so happy for you that you have been able to reconnect with the Lord and find a new house of worship and a new faith family!! May God bless you and the rest of your years!!

    • Dear Samantha, Thanks so much for your message. You have a beautiful name! When I was a little girl I used to wish that was my name! It sounds like you have been through a lot and are going through a serious trial right now. May God comfort you as you seek Him for answers! God bless you and I pray that whatever the outcome, you’ll feel God’s presence with you, very very close.

    • If you don’t mind me sharing this is a great video to watch! I believe it’s very uplifting and reminds us of God’s ever presence:



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