Heart Fish–A Valentine’s Day Craft

I set out lots and lots of hearts.

Then I gave my young artists some blue paper and glue sticks and told them to fill up their paper with ‘heart fish’.

And I can’t quite decide something.

Does letting my 3 year old have total freedom with the glitter make me the best mom in the world?

Or does it make me *craaaaaaazy*? ­čÖé

Whenever the glitter comes out,  art time turns into GlitterFest.

Aren’t these fishies cute?

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!


  1. OOOH I totally love them how fun!
    Glitter makes you the best Mum ever!
    So many parents just don’t let their kids get icky sticky or make a mess anymore, like my sister I love her to death but when her kids come over I make sure we do something messy fun, cos she just does not allow it in her home!

  2. Yes, it makes you the best mom in the world.
    The worst mom in the world. :):):)

  3. Melanie Keel

    Those are the most beautiful fishes I have ever seen. I know that your kids know that they have the best mom ever!!!! Love you all, hugs and kisses, Aunt Mel.

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