Literary Art Card–“Jane Eyre”

I’ve always been a fan of the gothic novel, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte.  I especially love the 2007 film version with Ruth Wilson. 

As I was playing around with my new stamps and some pieces of book text,  I made this card.

I could wax eloquent on the symbolism included in this card but I won’t bore you too much.  When I’m making a card with literature in mind I try to make every aspect of the card symbolic or representative in some way. It’s fun to make and fun for the receiver to figure out.

The most obvious symbol is the bird cage.  It symbolizes the fact that  Jane is caged.  First, by an aunt who doesn’t want her and then  in a charitable institution until adulthood. 

Why is the bird red? I’ll let you guess.

I stamped the cage with  my black StazOn pad onto a clear transparency.  This added some depth to the card and then I cut open part of the center of the image and folded it back to create a little door.

I loved these two lines of text taken from a  conversation between Jane and her friend Helen:

Jane to Helen:  “Is your book interesting?”  

Helen to Jane: “You ask too many questions. Let me read now.” 

I can’t wait to make some more cards with these stamps!

 My baby boy was taken off steroids today so maybe, just maybe, he will sleep more than 2 hours together.  He has been waking up every 1 and a half to 2 hours for 6 weeks now (steroids made him extra hungry) and I’ve been in a zombie-like state.  🙂

Here’s hoping that you, and I, have a very restful weekend.


  1. OH Yes, I’ve seen Jayne Eyre a couple of times in a british mini-series! very good!

    I LOVE this card, very Artistic!

  2. Your card is beautiful. I love the red bird.

  3. Hey Scarlett, I’ve just done some more ATC’s for a swap, and I would love to send you one for your collection if I could.

    Feel free to Email me at
    [email protected]

  4. pretty card you made!!

    Ooooh so sorry..not fun when our kids are sick:(
    I hope you both get some rest soon!

    Take Care,
    Kay Ellen

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