1. Hi Scarlett – that is lovely .. I love the way you build up your mixed media pictures. The effect of the wind blowing across the card too by using the silk thread … very clever …

    Have a lovely weekend .. cheers Hilary

  2. Your artwork always has such a nice flowing motion. I love how you go beyond just painting and add dimension to your work.

  3. I love all the details in this piece! So cute.

  4. Beautiful piece Scarlett!!! Love how made her hair. Fabulous!!! Love it!!! ~Sophia

  5. Lovely! Just lovely! I wish I had such amazing art skills! =D

  6. Or losing her marbles dear. Your art is divine and the stitched details are magic. Creative Bliss…

  7. holly osborn

    beautiful piece my dearest scarlett so many meanings , if you only look , the mamas would be so proud, as I am. I love you my beautiful niece, the artist!!

  8. wow awesome piece, lovely imagery!

    and that blended fibres looks very cool to work with!

  9. Jean Golladay

    This piece is more tangible and real than others I have seen. I love the use of thick paint. and fibers. I see more than meets the eye. Art is truly medicine. You inspire me, Scarlett.

  10. This is really lovely! Looking at the picture progression of the piece brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

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