Martilena Handmade Bags

Don’t you love diaper bags that don’t LOOK like diaper bags?

Here is my lovely diaper bag I ordered from Martilena in a gorgeous jewel-toned paisley fabric.

Martilena lets you choose the style and size of the bag you want, and then comes the fun part.  You pick your favorite fabric from thousands of choices and then your bag is custom-made for you. Very cool.

Love, love, love my bag.

Clean lines and a great, compact size.

Lots of attention to detail. 

I especially love this front pocket which is the perfect size for my little sketch book I carry everywhere.

Love this easy to fasten magnetic clasp–I can do it one-handed.

It’s sturdily constructed and made with high quality materials.

Yep, it’s pretty much the best diaper bag I’ve EVER had.

Martilena Handmade Bags offers a variety of bags and accessories custom-made using the fabric of your choice!

You will absolutely love their new camera bags. I particularly want the first one on the page.  🙂

Much thanks to my talented friend, Alida, owner of Martilena, for this awesome bag.



  1. Thank you so much, Scarlett!! Love the photos!

  2. Melanie Keel

    I wish I had a beautiful diaper bag when mine were little. They are really pretty Scarlett and look extremely well made.

  3. Beverly Dozier

    I love any bag (diaper or not) that has lots of compartments. I like to organize my things so I end up having all these little zippered bags inside my purse. What do these cost and how many pockets inside and out? Thanks, this one is great! Beverly

    • hi Beverly,
      She offers several different styles and sizes–many with lots of pockets. And since she makes them herself you can tell her if you want additional ones added. 🙂
      If you click on any of the links (in blue) in the post it should take you to her website. The bags are very reasonably priced! Also if you type ‘Martilena’ in your search bar it’s the first thing to come up as ‘Martilena Handmade Bags’.

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