Message to Self

My trip to the UK is just one month away and I’m thinking about

pink hair.  Pretty cotton candy pink.  Feminine and fun.

Happy hair for an over-sea adventure.

I’ve been inspired by the lovely Daniele over at Creating Learning Flying to start

expressing myself a bit more on the outside.

I was thinking about it more today and made a Pinterest  board with some pink possibilities.

And I made my mind up as I created this collage on Polyvore.

Have you ever tried out a different hair color?



  1. Del Marie Riley

    I say GO FOR IT!! I’m so glad to hear you’re debating the same issue I am. To add color or not to add color. Your pink all over is more bold than my only adding a few vibrant purple streaks here and there. Which my husband and teens are opposed too. See, I’m turning the big ~4~0~ in two weeks. And we are packing up and leaving everyone and everything I’ve ever known to move 2,000 miles across the country. My life story is begining anew and I think a fun, fresh, new hair color and style is just what I need. I also want to express the inside on the outside. I just don’t want to freak some small town folk out in the process. LOL. Thank You for posting this. I didn’t even think about looking on Pinterest. Well I think you just helped me talk me into doing it! Yay! Good Luck on your adventures in hair and the UK.

  2. You would be pretty in pink! Me, I put in a Henna rinse once. No one noticed, but in the sun my hair was burgundy. I have an olive complexion, which makes it difficult. Some people can really pull it off~ I’m betting you can 😀
    Your college is so dreamy~

  3. I’ve had different colored hair many times. It usually happened when I decided to color my hair myself. (orange, green, light purple) I think you would look lovely in pink. It is only hair and just color, it can be changed back if you don’t like it. Go for it! You are young and beautiful, enjoy your youth.

  4. Please do it! I think you would be absolutely lovely with pink hair!!

  5. My niece Brianna went through a phase of Hot Pink hair in high school (for more than a year I think) and she loved it. The only down side was that it washes out really fast, so she was constantly re-pinking it. Have fun!!

  6. Go try on a pink wig and see what you think! I had my hair coloured a deep fuschia pink in 2001 – long before commonly seen. I wanted to portray better who I was. It was a fascinating experience. Young and senior women loved it, most of my peers not so much LOL It helped me realise how much courage I did have – it was high maintenance and I have it up for an easier approach! Go Girl!!

  7. OMG I am so jealous!!! UK!!! I want to go over some day….I saw the pink do you posted on Pinterest!!! I think you should go for it!!! I found one with turquoise I would love to try!!! LOL for my bucket list… Have a blast on your trip Scarlett!! <3

  8. Wow – not sure I’d be up to that! I do think you’d look beautiful in it – and like Sandi mentioned, the experience is where it’s at. God loves you no matter what your hair color or style, and people will never be satisfied no matter how closely you conform to their rules. Only when I started playing with style did I understand “freedom in Christ”. Art is therapy – use all media at hand, even if it’s yourself! 😀 Love you, Scarlett!

  9. Floy Height

    I think a dark pink would look great with your coloring. Go for it! But don’t be surprised if the girls want to pick a new color next!

  10. I think you should definitely try something new but ask a really , really good hair dresser first. The reality of “after” is sometimes pretty difficult and really expensive to fix so yes – have fun ! But ask the professionals first 🙂
    Love you !

    • @Jeana –I hear you, friend. I’ve got a consultation set up for tomorrow afternoon with the stylist! I’ll let you know what she says. Talk to you soon! 🙂

  11. I’ll add this… I was filling out an application recently that asked if I had ever been chemically dependent and I laughed out loud. I thought, “YES !, for hair color !” Hahahaha ! I loved the dark pink one you posted on FB but you’ll look great in anything.

  12. The pink in this is the perfect way to start my day! So happy so light so creative!!

  13. I have not… but how fun?!! Love seeing all your pink pins. Makes me smile! 🙂

  14. DO it!!! LOVE that – and I saw all your pretty pink reference photos – makes me want it toooooo 😉 We can have a pink hair club . . .. xoxo!
    (But actually, I would probably chicken out – so you have to be the brave ones 😉

  15. oh you are so sweet! I can’t wait to see it! I say cotton candy pink the whole way. If you don’t feel it’s right, you just darken!!!

  16. Hi Scarlett .. I wish I was nearer Chester – because I’d be over to see this cotton pink concoction .. sounds such fun .. cheery and cherry pink – great …

    Nope never coloured my hair – not enough of it!! Cheers Hilary

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