“Muddle Knowledge” ~ A Haiku on Molinism

Molinism Haiku 2

This composition is dedicated to the Christian philosopher, Paul Helm. Of all the authors I’ve read in 2017,  he has had the most profound impact on my doctrinal views.  Paul Helm is a brilliant British philosopher and theologian of the Calvinist persuasion, and on deeper issues of  Christian doctrine his writings have aided my understanding. On an especially esoteric theory called Molinism (Middle Knowledge), his writings have been extremely helpful.

Muddle Knowledge

liberty of indifference

decadent Jesuit

dealing God a good hand

by Scarlett Clay, 2017


Title and line 1:  Play on the phrase “middle knowledge”, which is often used as a synonym for Molinism and taken from Helm’s article here. First phrase- Paul Helm calls the ‘liberty of indifference” a rationale upon which Molinism depends. You can read it in context at Helm’s Deep.

Line 2: Blaise Pascal, Pensees. Penguin, 1966.  This phrase is used in #964 on page 340.

Line 3: W.L. Craig explains how Molinism views God as being dealt a hand of cards here.

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