1. Beautiful imagery. I hope Knox is feeling better after the double ear infection.

  2. Great effect, love the picture!

  3. I love what you’ve done with the picture. I hope the baby is feeling better.

  4. I love this image, the effect is stunning!
    I so hope your precious boy is better~

  5. Floy Height

    You really captured the essence of your little boy in this, Scarlett! Beautiful!

  6. This is so awesome!! do you have a tutorial for it.,,Hope the little man is feeling better 🙁

  7. Very cool! Beautifully done.

  8. Hi Scarlett .. sorry to hear about Knox … I do hope he is feeling better – just love your butterfly .. wonderful – with many thoughts- Hilary

  9. Melanie Keel


  10. That’s an amazing image!

  11. So lovely!!! xoxox Hugs

  12. Precious…Precious.
    Love it ~ Have a good day sweets. xo

  13. Gasp! WOW. Gasp. wow. ga . . . xoxoxoxo

  14. Such a sweet picture. You have been on my mind this week.

  15. oh this is so beautiful Scarlett.

  16. Beautiful photo! Love the special effects! All the best! ~Sophia

  17. This is beautiful, Scarlett. You and Knox are often on my mind.


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