‘New Beginning” Fiber Paste and Clay on Clayboard (12×12)

The branches were sculpted with Sculpey Ultra Light and baked according to directions.

A chrysalis was also sculpted to look as if a new butterfly has just emerged.

After baking, I set them on the clay board while the fiber paste was still wet.  The fiber paste acts as an adhesive.

A sculpted leaf added to the top…

You knew you’d see them again didn’t you?  Pretty, shimmery onion skins.

I glued the skins inside the ‘chrysalis’ to give the appearance of a membrane that has been ruptured.

Added two more leaves…

The branches and chrysalis were painted with ivory acrylic paint. I debated with myself for days about adding more color, but in light of indecision, it stayed white.


I hope this piece is accepted for the ‘New Beginnings’ exhibit coming up at HCBC, even though I think it’s safe to say onion skins aren’t on the list of approved materials.

My birthday photo shoot with Knox on Valentine’s Day was an epic fail. He wasn’t cooperating and neither was the balloon!

Here’s one I’d like to share.  I love the bright warm light and the low angle of this shot.  The big contraption Knox is in is called his ‘stander’ -we strap him in it every day for about 35 minutes to promote normal leg growth.  He’s not crazy about it but he tolerates it better outside, and even better if he’s moving.  It has wheels on the bottom, so to make him really happy, you’re likely to find us rolling him around for the entire 35 minutes.  We love this boy!

Yay, it’s Friday! I wish you all a fantastic weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a precious boy!
    Onion skins…who’d a thunk it!

  2. It’s beautiful, Scarlett! I am working on something similar as it happens, with clay leaves I fired and painted. I can never forgo the colors! The onion skin was perfect!

  3. No one uses onions as you use them!
    Your latest works are wonderful.
    I follow you always, even if I do not write!
    The music you choose relaxes me so much.
    Good day! (maybe for you it is night ….)

  4. What a beautiful boy! Our little guy had to use one of those standers too. I’ve always wanted to learn sculpting and working w/other mediums. You are very talented and I’m glad I found your site!

  5. Your work is beautiful and the message so clear~ Sending you wishes and good luck for the exhibit! Keep us posted~

    Knox looks so cute and full of wonder watching the balloon cascade away~
    I hope this helps him..he is such an adorable boy all dressed in beloved blue~
    Sending thoughts n’ prayers for your little boy blue!

  6. Hi Scarlett … Knox looks like a space adventurer about to discover something remarkable .. that’s wonderful he enjoys being wheeled around .. am so pleased he’s feeling somewhat better – even if Valentine’s Day was a no no – not today please!!

    Your New Beginnings entry is great – I do hope they don’t get pernickety .. I shouldn’t think many have thought of onion skins!

    Have a lovely weekend .. cheers Hilary

  7. this is so beautiful. You have so much talent!
    I have read about the stander but never seen one. He is such a sweet darlin. Sorry the photo shoot was a fail. Ive had that happen with our darlin too. Have a beautiful weekend.

  8. Your sculpture is brilliant. The exhibit will be sorry if they pass over your artwork. I love the delicacy of the onion skins. As a very new follower I am happy to meet Knox. He is super adorable and this photo is wonderful. Wonderful weekend dear…

  9. What a sweet boy! I love the lighting in that photo… gorgeous. And this piece is beautiful! Love the onion skins. You should link it up to the ‘in the studio’ party today… I’m sure everyone would love to see it! 🙂

  10. What a sweetheart he is…..and love how you used the onion skins…Have a great weekend!!! 🙂

  11. Your art is always so inspiring although I haven’t been saving my onion skins yet. LOL Will have to keep that in mind though. Good luck at your exhibit, wish we had something like that close by.
    Your little guy is such a sweetheart, he probably just has you trained with that outside ride each day.

  12. How are you this amazing? I sure hope your piece is accepted!

    I do love this picture of Knox? Our fails ended up ok in the end didn’t they?


  13. Knox looks like he is having a GREAT time! I’ve been praying for the little sweetie. Love your new piece, the onion skins are genius.

  14. I would push that cutie around all day if it made him happy. Love the onion skin in your piece! Who would have thought?! You , of course. Can’t wait to hear more about the exhibit.

  15. Knox is adorable…and your creations always amaze me my friend…hugs.

  16. Scarlett this is a wonderful piece. I love the onion skin and I hope it gets accepted. Glad to hear Knox enjoys being on the move. He looks great! All the best ~Sophia

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