No-Sew Denim Treat Pockets

Some old jeans, silver duct tape, and a few odds and ends from your scrap basket are all you need to make these cute little pockets.

I made these with Independence Day in mind since it’s only about a week away~

I took small strips of denim cut with pinking shears~

The strips were folded in half and silver metallic duct tape closed up the sides~

* yay for no-sew projects, yes? *

Extra tape was snipped off with scissors~

Red ribbon was wrapped around about an inch from the top~

The top was folded down, slightly overlapping the ribbon.  I folded some of the duct tape over on itself and cut out silver stars from it and then used brads to hold to affix them to the pocket.

Same thing on this one, only I used the hem of the jeans at the top, wrapped some baker’s twine around the star, and used an over-sized brad~

This one has a tiny square of canvas inked around the edges with a marker and stamped with the number 4~The white star was made with a piece of scrap white floral wire shaped by hand. The stuff I pull from my scrap basket always turns out the coolest!

I used some paper tape to close up the sides of this one and stamped the words with my roller stamp~

These were fun to make! My daughter starts a summer book club this week and these are a special surprise for her friends.  She wants to put some candy and a bookmarker in each one.

Hope you like this easy no-sew project using old denim.  One pair of old jeans would make a lot of pockets!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. Geat idea !!!! Thanks for everything !!!! SAT NAM!!!!!

  2. Sooooooo awesomely cool! And I agree. YAY for no-sew projects!

  3. cool little favors! Love this idea, and they look so fabulous!

  4. Love the look. Very clever and your daughter is thinking creatively for her friends. Fabulous as fireworks…

  5. Great project…Love the no sew feature too…and I especially love that your daughter is starting a book club!!! That is fantastic…

    Great post as always Scarlett…:)

  6. Hi Scarlett, this is a very lovely idea!
    Have a good day.

  7. As always you come up with something amazing from almost nothing!

  8. Your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me! I adore this project. I can think of all sorts of things to put in the pockets.

    • @Renee –Thanks so much! I appreciate it, Renee! And don’t forget to let me know when/where to find your blog again, I miss it

  9. Scarlett, these are wonderful! You continue to amaze me with your creativity.

  10. Great idea! And you know that your daughter will always have this in her “special memories” album. What a great mom you are!!

  11. Your daughter has a very talented momma!

  12. Adorable, fun, and patriotic! Love it! So creative and a great way to use things in your stash! ~Vanessa

  13. So cute and what a great idea! I’m sure her friends will love them!

  14. I love these sentiments for a “green” 4th of July!
    I am working on a cupcake paper garland….I love this idea!
    Thanks for sharing 😀

  15. So Super-Fabulous and dazzling…gorgeous!!

  16. Adorable!
    I need to send you a sample roll of my mom’s no sew sealah tape you would have a ball making things with it too!

    Happy 4th!
    Kay Ellen

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