Paper Roll Rabbits

Spring time sure does put me in the mood for crafting.

With all of the paper roll ideas pouring onto Pinterest these days, I was inspired to come up with a rabbit pattern for spring.

We cut them out, painted them, and then drew on bunny faces.

But then I saw this beautiful paper~ ‘Sweet Nectar’ from KC Company.  Some of you know how it is…you get some pretty new paper and you’ve just got to make something with it right away!


I covered a paper roll with paper…

Traced the same pattern onto the covered roll..

And cut it out…

Be careful to leave a small part connected in the back so the rabbit can stand…

Here’s a better look at the pattern if you’d like to try some of these..

You could also add pom-pom noses and tails, or pretty bows…

What could you do with these cute rabbits?  My daughter said they should sit around and look cute…

They fit snuggly onto standard sized eggs as little egg toppers…

What about napkin rings?

Can you think of any other ideas for these little rabbits? I’d love to hear them!



  1. oh YAY Scarlett! LOVE! Love LOVE!

  2. They could hold a slender bag of candy. This is so cute!! Thanks for sharing your talent! I’m going to give it a try. 😉

    • @Stephanie –Yes! I love your idea..maybe put some candy in cellophane, tie it up, and push it down into the holder…that would be so cute, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow these are adorable!!! Great idea Scarlett….:)

    very cute use of the toilet paper rolls… Love them covering the Easter eggs…


  4. Another adorable project! My granddaughters are spending the night tonight. The twins just turned 7 so if there is time we may try this! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. PS – I’m loving the music you have playing today. I think I’ll leave your blog up for awhile and enjoy the music. I hope Knox is doing better this week.

  5. @Connie –Hope you have a wonderful time with your sweet granddaughters, I bet twin girls make everything so much fun! Thanks about the music, it’s from a CD I have called ‘Essential Baroque’ and it’s titled ‘Allegro I Brandenburg Concerto in D’. Knox is doing a lot better today, thanks so much for thinking of him. 🙂

  6. Love the idea to recycle! So cute.

  7. I think I once saw cellophane candy bags that looked like carrots. Triangle shaped! I was thinking eggs too then see you thought of it…… the napkin holders are ADORABLE!!! WANT! Thank you for sharing. (I might have to make some for my daughters students, she can make the gift bag with little erasers candy and pencils)

  8. @Anna –Those sound perfect, that would be really cute! I appreciate you coming by, hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

  9. Adorable! Perfect for springtime party decorations! I just love it!

  10. Hi Scarlett .. I agree the music is wonderful .. while those rabbits are amazing and so pretty .. very clever – love seeing them become them! So pleased Knox is feeling better .. cheers for now – Hilary

  11. I love the idea and be sure that I will with my daughters, is so beautiful and original …
    Thanks for sharing.
    Spanish kisses

  12. These are cute! Kara would love making these. I like the idea of covering the roll in paper first. The colors and patterns you used are just perfect for Easter. Actually got some studio time in this weekend myself! I hope Knox is feeling better.

  13. I just knew you would come up with some spring sweetness…these bunnies are adorable.
    Happy new creative week to you…and thank you sooooo much for your sweet comments. xoxo

  14. Wonderful!!! Great idea.

  15. I know one project we can do on Spring Break. Thank you so much for shairing all your beautiful art work. I wish I had some of your talent. Love ya

  16. They are very cute, indeed! Scarlett, where do you find your music for your blog? I just love your selections; sometimes I just leave it on to play while I do housework. ~s

    • @Sue –Thanks, Sue, I appreciate it! The music I play comes from my CD collection..this one is from a generic type compilation called “Essential Baroque’ and is titled ‘Allegro I Brandenburg Concerto In D”–glad you like it! I try and play the same music with a post that I was listening to while I was creating the project/photos. Thanks so much for your comment and I’ll see you soon!

  17. Your little bunnies are adorable. They would also look so cute served up on a big juicy carrot! Joyful bunny creating…

  18. Of course you did! These are so so so cute – and then as napkin rings! Bravo. I just may do this with K! LOVE it (and thank you) xoxoxo

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