Peace Child

Miniature Nativity/Mixed Media/Photography

Recently, I was inspired by a photo of a nativity scene so tiny that it fit inside a bottle cap. I set out to sculpt my own this Christmas season. Forgive the unsightly Band-Aid; I’m always wounding myself in the process of creativity!

I used Sculpey clay in white and neutral shades.

The Holy Family is under 1″ tall.

Then I found this miscellaneous paper flower that was just the perfect size to fit inside the bottle cap, as a background.

My old beat-up Fuji camera is still running strong. The macro feature on this camera still produces better results than my Android.

My favorite way to photograph art is to experiment with small mirrors in a sun-filled window. The results are always fun to play with in an editing program.

Here are some of the finished edits!

Have a blessed Christmas and thanks for stopping by!

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