Photos from Erddig House

These photos are in no particular order, they’re just my favorites.  If some are slightly out of focus, I bet you can guess who was trying to grab the camera from me. (He’s a very tiny boy with a surprisingly strong grasp!)

I was absolutely captivated by this place. It was covered in ruby red vines and waiting to transport all who roam its grounds into a past era…


I know, I got carried away with the vines, but they were so beautiful!


Like tiny little red hearts when you get up close…

I felt like I was on the set of ‘Emma’ as I walked into the garden…

I suppose one could easily lose track of time wandering about the garden…

If you’ve never walked on true cobblestones, I recommend sturdy shoes.  Flip-flops won’t do.

Tons of apples on the trees…

…and on the ground.

Even the patches of earth were charming…

The second language around here is Welsh.  I couldn’t make out  a single word.

I confess I felt completely overwhelmed by the authenticity of Erddig.  I’ve seen places like this in movies and read about them in books, but to be present in a garden or a room or a hallway as it really was in the past is truly unique.  I feel alarmed as I think,”Everything is so rare!  I’ll never see these things again!”

“But what if I’m seized in some frightful state and am too weak to ring the bell for servants?”  ~Mary Musgrove, Persuasion

What was it like to have your very own church in your home?

Or your very own library?

Toys were so much more attractive before plastics.

And  everywhere you look there’s gorgeous art on the walls; piece after piece, one begins to look like another.

Love the book-holder attached to the chair!

For me, there’s beauty is the craftmanship of every object.


Knox having a look about the orchard…

Knox breathed in the fresh air and surveyed the English countryside.

I believe he thoroughly enjoyed the tour as much as I did!

For more information on this historic jewel in North Wales, see the Erddig House web site.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Lovely photos! We watch a lot of English mysteries and classics and have always wished that they would do some close ups of the plants and grounds. You did wonderful phototography on these pics.

  2. Hi Scarlett – as I have mentioned before, you have a way of viewing things and capturing their beauty in your camera!
    We are members of the National Trust and have visited Erdigg, but you have shown me lots that I seem to have missed……. must visit again soon and try to see it with your eyes. love Marg x

  3. Lovely pictures, Scarlett… though I’m sure we wouldn’t want to live in that era, these wonderfully maintained estates are an intriguing glimpse into the not-so-distant past. I especially love the treasure trove of toys, especially the “Noah’s ark”.

  4. jeana boatright

    These are spectacular !!! I’m so thankful that you got to see such a beautiful place. How long will they let you stay? Daylight til dark? Not long enough I’m sure ~ Love you, friend.

  5. Floy Height

    Just like being in Pride and Prejudice!

  6. jeana boatright

    I can’t stop looking at these gorgeous photos. I find a new favorite every time. I absolutely love the one of Knox looking out over the countryside. I’m so thankful he got to see it.

  7. Ohhh, that was so lovely! I felt like I was there. Thanks so much for sharing the fantastic photos, I looked long and hard at each one of them. Knox looked like he was soaking in the country air! What a great trip for both of you.

  8. Wonderful photos…I love the tour! Yes, Knox looks like he is taking it all in~
    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! I love it!~

  9. Melanie Keel

    Scarlett your photography is breath taking. Each picture was so rich in history and beauty, I just adored each and everyone of them. I am so pleased you all had such a good time and who couldn’t in such lush cherished spaces. Love you honey, do you know how much you are loved and admired, and that you have such a special place in my heart!!

  10. Beautiful pics, I really love those vines, gorgeous colouring!

    Great gardens and pics of the antiques!

  11. Hi Scarlett – absolutely brilliant – love the photos and the tour .. now I shall need to visit next time I go up to Wales … perhaps when you’re next over – or even before that.

    Fantastic memories – excellent photography Mrs Clay .. I thought your camera was playing up?!

    Loved these .. I put up the Imperial Crown under George’s Christening post .. so you can see the colours for your stamp …

    Cheers and love to M, S and Knox .. and you of course .. Hilary

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