Portrait Transfer with Cross-Stitch (#2)

This photo transfer was made using the same technique as the first one.  This time,  I left the color print to dry overnight.  After it was dry, I sprayed it with water and peeled it off to reveal the image underneath.  It peeled up at the bottom but I actually like the edges to look imperfect.

I used free cross-stitching to accent her braid, her sweater, and her necklace.

Again, colored pencils were used to highlight the eyes and mouth and a fine point pen for some details. I also sponged ‘Red Brick’ Distress Ink onto her cheeks.

Searching thr0ugh my stash of text w0rds, I found this phrase…

I’m finishing up a third transfer this week so I’ll post some photos of it soon.  Hope you’re having a great start to your New Year and I always appreciate the visits and comments!


  1. Floy Height

    These are just beautiful, Scarlett! Real treasures!

  2. The words you used add so much depth to your work. I’m loving how the stitching adds that extra dimension!

  3. Melanie Keel

    Floy took the words right out of my mouth. These are just beautiful, Scarlett! So cleaver, I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, but you are so cleaver!! Love you!

  4. Beautiful work Scarlett! Love the music you chose too. ~s

  5. Wow! This is so beautiful – such a lovely girl to work with, and you’ve interpreted her into the princess realm. Beautiful.

  6. Hi Scarlett – such a beautiful exposition … and I love how you show us how you do your work … beautiful result … cheers and hugs – Hilary

  7. Everything you do turns to gold. This is amazing. I love the direction you are going with your art.

  8. So lovely! The resulting soft colours and your stitches are perfect for the quote you used…hugs

  9. This is stunning, I love it! The found words are perfect 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness this is magical! So very creative. Mix media to perfection!

  11. beautiful canvas, Scarlett! so pretty and special!

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