Nationally Published Articles, Artwork, and Photography

GreenCraft Magazine, pp. 12-15, “A Shower Ring Around the Posy”, May 2017, Volume 8, Issue 2.

Blanton Museum of Art, “Stacked Waters Easter Eggs”, March, 2016.

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Somerset Life, “Needle Case Valentines”, Winter Issue, pp.116-119, Stampington and Co., 2016

Nature Conservancy, “Love our Gulf” Photography Contest, 2nd place: “Kemp’s Ridley Hatchling Release”, Nov. 2015.

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Sew Somerset, “A Pop of Original Art for the Home”, pp.70-75, Winter Issue, Stampington and Co., 2014.

Somerset Studio Gallery, “Blue Winter”, p. 47, Winter Issue, Stampington and Co., 2014.

Somerset Studio, p.121,”Bandit Girl and the Ladybugs-Three Paintings” Stampington and Co., Jan./Feb, 2014.

Cloth, Paper, Scissors, p.86, “The Faces of Mixed Media”, Issue 53, F+W Media, Inc., March/April, 2014.

Somerset Studio, p.124, “Owls in Winter”, Stampington and Col, Nov/Dec., 2013.

Somerset Studio, p.136, “The Coliseum”, Sept/Oct., Stampington and Co.,  2012.

Somerset Life, p74-75,”Holiday Clothespins”, Stampington and Co., Oct/Nov/Dec, 2012.

Artful Blogging, pp.106-111, “Art is Medicine”, Stampington and Co., Aug/Sept/Oct, 2012.

Somerset Life, p.130, “Sparkling Words”, Stampington and Co., Oct/Nov/Dec,  2011.

Somerset Life, p.72-75, “Wrapping with Vintage Paper and Buttons”, Stampington and Co., Jan/Feb/March, 2013.

Somerset Life, pp.113-114,”The Magic of Cardboard Rolls: Trash Transformed, April/May/June, Stampington and Co., 2013.

Sew Somerset, pp. 98-100, “A Full Nest: Cloth Jewelry Pouch”, Winter Issue, Stampington and Co., 2013.

Somerset Studio, p.118, “Language of the Soul”, Stampington and Co., March/April, 2012.

Somerset Gallery, p.104, “The Dualism of Robert Frost”, Stampington and Co., Sept/Oct, 2012.

Somerset Studio, p.108, “Queen Anne Architecture”, Mar/April, Stampington and Co, 2008.

Memory Makers, p.87, “Look What Popped Up”, July-Aug., Issue 25      Satellite Press, 2001.

Great Scrapbooks, pp.18-19,“Floral Quilt”, Hugh Lauter Levin and Associates., Inc., 2000.

Memory Makers,p.46, “Geometric Patchwork”, Jan.-Feb., Issue 10, Satellite Press, 1999.





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