“Das Haus/Ideen Magazin” 2017

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The holidays came and whizzed by so quickly, I hardly had a chance to decorate my own tree! I’m a bit behind on my blog.

For posterity (*my kids*) I wanted to post about the honor I had of having my “Cupcake Liner Butterflies” published in Germany in 2017.

Das Haus’ Ideen Magazin is a wonderful publication in Germany with engaging pictures and wonderfully creative ideas. I only wish I spoke German! It is a compliment to the publishers that the magazine is so engaging, even to a non-German speaker. It’s a lovely magazine from cover to cover!

I want to thank the publishers of Ideen Magazin for including my project in this publication. I was surprised and delighted to have my first international publication and they did a terrific job including just the right photos and tutorial information.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy 2018!











  1. Many congratulations, Scarlett! How exciting! I wish I understood German too… I had one of my Zentangle patterns published in a German book in 2016 and wished I could understand the rest! The butterfly you made is so beautiful – really delicate and pretty, and how imaginative, using a cupcake paper!

    I am loving your blog.


  2. Hi Scarlett – that’s wonderful … and I’m so pleased the kids suggested you share your success with us – lovely to see … and you are so creative – enjoy 2018 … all the best Hilary

  3. Thank you for your visit, Scarlett, and for your prayers for us both. Your advice to take things one day at a time is good – I’m just about keeping my head above water but as soon as some little thing goes wrong I tend to lose the plot! I had a good hospital appointment this a.m. (just blogged about it) and the operation is definitely going ahead, which I am very pleased about, but I’ve been warned that it’s not going to be an easy ride. The order of service booklets for Mum arrived from the printers today and I am over the moon with them – they have done a beautiful job! We are gradually getting through everything that needs to be done.


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