Beautiful and Easy Gift Idea – “Bottle Lights”

Here’s a quick and easy gift idea!

Take an empty bottle : wine, seltzer, sparkling juice, mineral water, etc….

If the label looks cool, keep it on. If not, you can remove it with soap and warm water.

Take a strand of 50 lights and thread them down into the bottle.

About half way in, the lights begin to get stuck, so you need a stick or something long and thing to help stuff them down the rest of the way. I used a wooden dowel.

Then you can decorate the neck of the bottle however you like.

I made several of these bottles for Knox’s nurses and therapists. I kept them simple using different ribbons, jingle bells, and bits of flower picks.

It’s also a good idea to secure the cord in the back so the light strand won’t come out.


Hope you’re having a week full of yuletide pleasures!


  1. Lovely idea! How fun!!!

    Hope the lead up to christmas is treating you well xoxox

  2. Mia Ragazza??? I found italian wine! Very good. I like the Raboso, the Rabosello and also Lambrusco!
    Very great idea!

  3. Awesome and easy and QUICK …love this …tfs

  4. What a wonderful idea! And I thought I was the only one intrigued with the beautiful graphics and writing on wine labels. You are amazing and such a good teacher. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Scarlett – How cool!! I love this tutorial. I do not drink anything but water and Dr. Peppers… so I am going to find some non-alcoholic bottles {grape juice? sparkling stuff?} to create with the kiddos. I am sure they would love to have some for their rooms. This is a great idea for after the Holiday too – when all the Christmas lights are on sale 50% off!! Stock up for the whole year.

    Hope you and the family are doing well this week – and have a happy weekend too! xoxo Sherri

    • @Sherri –Wow! You and I have so much in common! I’m a water drinker, too, and I’ll have a Dr. Pepper when I go see a movie, which isn’t often. haha! My in-laws do a lot of entertaining so they were able to supply me with plenty of bottles with pretty labels for these lights. Yep, I think they look cool all year round 🙂 I hope you are having an amazing week, too, thanks so much for your visit!


  6. I love wine labels! So festive n’ fun~ Off to the look at my recycle bin 😀

  7. Nola Thacker

    This is such a happy little project that even someone Non-crafty like me could do! These would do very nicely as gifts throughout the year too, if you’re going to a party where you know wine will be served. Could take a grouping of three with an extension cord so the lit bottles could be a little focal point on a buffet table.

    • @Nola –Ooooh, three bottles together, I love that idea! They definitely would add a special touch to a party! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. This is a beautiful and creative idea! My cousin did a similar thing a few years ago with the double thick glass bricks that used to be in bathrooms (in the 50s). Those look cool, too. Guess you could use just about anything glass. Great ideas! …as always! ~s

    • @Sue– Yep, I have two of those glass bricks full of lights and stacked as presents (one larger on the bottom, the other smaller one on top) wrapped with pretty ribbon and pretty floral picks on top–light up gift boxes! I get compliments on it every year. I should’ve posted about those, too..oh well, maybe next year. The month of December always gets away from me! Thanks so much! Appreciate you coming over!


  9. Your ideas are always the best….I so want to do this. xoxoxo Hugs

  10. I do love me some Cupcake! lol Happy Holidays sweet friend.

  11. Melanie Keel

    These are so pretty. Still have the one you gave me a couple of years ago, it’s plugged in right now. Glowing beautifully by the fireplace! Thanks honey love you, Aunt Mel.

  12. this is such a sweet idea! My father makes his own wine and I have the most beautiful blue bottle from a bottle of blueberry wine. If I got a pick and ribbon that wasnt seasonal they could keep it out on his wine display cabinet. What about a few cinnamon sticks in it to be a room freshener- The heat from the lights would warm the cinnamon? Thank you so much for the great last minute gift idea!

  13. Hi Scarlett .. beautiful idea – so simple .. yet just lovely. Your bottles of vino look rather good too .. nice labels. Wonderful presents to receive .. a great thought .. Happy Christmas – hugs Hilary

  14. I must must must do this. And a fun present idea, don’tcha think?

  15. WOW!!!!!!! SO SO SO FAB! (Does it sound like I’m screaming?) xoxoxo

  16. A beautiful and simple idea!!! Looks elegant! ~Sophia

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