Red Velvet Strawberries

My inspiration for this week’s Summer of Color challenge came from a drawing my daughter drew last week.

It’s a picture of us making strawberry jam together. 

It’s funny because we’ve never grown strawberries, let alone made anything that resembles a condiment out of them.  But she’s not one to let lack of experience get in the way of her art.

Similarly, I try not to let my lack of experience with sewing keep me from working with fabrics from time to time.

I decided to make red velvet strawberries using an old paper pattern I had.  Back when I was a Close To My Heart demonstrator, I used to make a basket full of paper strawberries with matching stamped cards to ‘wow’ my customers. 

I’ll let the photos take it from here…


Hope you liked my red creations! Be sure and see the other creations inspired by the color ‘red’ over at  the Summer of Color.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your art and your photography is amazing. SO so beautiful! And your daughter’s drawing is precious – I bet she loves these inspirational strawberries – especially knowing that she was the inspiration 😉 LOVE it, thank you! xo

  2. I am in love with your entire post. Your daughter’s piece is so sweet. Your own strawberry – well it is a dream and so are your photos.

  3. Hi Scarlett .. so beautiful – wonderful craftwork .. so pretty. What did your daughter think? Great to see them – thank you for showing us .. I hope you’re having a good week – Hilary

  4. So yummy! Love your fabric strawberries and their beautiful labels. Your daughter’s picture is so sweet!

  5. so sweet and love all the words you attached

  6. These are really, really cute. My daughter would love to make them together. I love your red creations. Thanks for stopping by my place too and leaving a sweet comment about Edith’s dress. xoxo

  7. I love a non-painting/paper project! Your strawberries are amazing and the addition of the word tags is genius. Love that you start with your daughter’s drawing…..sharing art with the next generation! 🙂

  8. Gorgeous – you are SO creative! I love the touch of pearl!

  9. Your daughters drawing is lovely!

    Love love love all the sparkly bits on your sentiments – so sweet!

  10. You have the perfect name for this week! Your daughter’s picture is adorable and obviously inspired you to make this wonderful strawberry. Gorgeous.

  11. I love your daughter’s interpretation of red; I want to be in that room 😀
    Love these, so pretty; your photos are stunning, true magic! xXx

  12. I love her drawing! I miss mine drawing like that.:( Plus I really love your strawberrys, so pretty!

  13. These are the cutest ever & with those little glittered tags – divine!! what wonderful inspiration behind your crafting too! 🙂

  14. bscarlettc

    @Kristin, thanks so much! My daughter was actually like…what do you do with these, mom? lol, she doesn’t get the whole “just a pretty thing to have” concept! She wants to be able to DO something with it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    @Sandi You are very kind and I appreciate your compliment on the photos…they take me a while to edit so I hope others enjoy looking at them! I hope you can come by and visit again! 🙂

    @Hilary LOL, like I told Kristin above, she was actually a bit diasppointed..she thought we were going to DO something with them…not sure what but now I know she prefers practicality to ‘glitter-ality! lol 🙂

  15. bscarlettc

    @Joanna -Thank you! I had to go buy some today because this project made me hungry for the real thing! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    @Helena So glad you visited! I hope you can come back again sometime and thank you for your sweet comment!

    @Vicki –Glad you liked them, love your blog! Glad I found ya’! 🙂

    @Terrie – What a sweet comment!–you know, my blog is so weird..sometimes it’s a drawing, sometimes a photo, you never know..I was a bit worried when all the other blogs had a paper project but glad you didn’t mind! Have a wondeful day! 🙂

    @Andrea-I appreciate it, neighbor! Talk to you soon! ~S

    @Karen–Are you glitter crazy like I am? LOL, if I can get away with adding glitter, I do, haha! Thanks so much!!

    @Lesley –Thank you!! I will pass your compliment on to my daughter, too, she really likes it when her art is featured! (and when people comment it makes her smile really big!)

  16. bscarlettc

    @Ella –thank you, friend!! You inspire me every single week! Thanks, too, about the photos, I gave them some extra touches this time for fun! 🙂

    @sugar creek –I know what you mean, I’m always thinking how glad I am that she draws so much on her own…sweet keepsakes. I’ll have to post a bunch she’s done this summer…the fridge can’t hold’ ’em all! Thanks for your comment!

    @Jen -Thank you very much and I’m so glad you liked these little velvety berries. I appreciate your sweet words so much! Come again! 🙂

  17. Jean Golladay


    • bscarlettc

      @Jean–Thank you! Have you gotten your paints out yet ? 🙂

      @Karen–You are so sweet, making things is truly a stress-reliever for me, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share it! Blessings, Scarlett

  18. the strawberries are beautiful. You do such beautiful work. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  19. mandy at eight is enough

    Wow..firstly I LOVE little kids art…how adorable is that!…your strawberries are amazing and how you have presented them..well..they look a tad magical to me…wonderful…what great inspiration you have given me…xxx

    • bscarlettc

      @Mandy — I think I could do kid’s art till the cows come home and never tire of it…so many cute things to do!! 🙂 Glad you liked the berries and hope you have a blessed weekend! Thanks for stopping by, Scarlett

  20. Love Your Summer of Color Red Strawberries and Gorgeous little Tags! Very Creative! And Inspirational!

  21. So many pretty things here!

    • bscarlettc

      @Julie –Thanks so much for your kind comment! I’ll be over to visit you soon! ~Scarlett

      @Susan –Hey there, you know that card sold in less than an hour! haha! Maybe I should make more? 🙂 Thanks!! ~S

  22. Love, love, love them!! although I am more on your daughter’s side, as I like things have some functionality I love these strawberries to bits!!
    And by the way, I totally agree with many, your photography is outstanding.
    And thank you for the tutorial, I think I will try them out.

    • bscarlettc

      @Noemi –Thank you! And just yesterday I thought, you know, you could easily place a few drops of an essential oil (do they have strawberry?) into the stuffing (batting, cotton balls, etc..) and then it would be a sachet for your drawer or small powder room! I should’ve thought of that before huh? 🙂 Thanks again for your sweet comment and I hope you visit again! ~Scarlett

  23. holy WOW! all I can say! LOVE!

    • bscarlettc

      @Daniele–Thanks so much! You can’t go wrong with red velvet! 🙂 ~Scarlett

      @Jen –Thank you so much, I”m glad you like it and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment ! Have a great week! ~ Scarlett

  24. Scarlette, You are always amazing me with your skill in making anything come to life. What a talent you have and it is wonderful to see it being passed down to your children. Glad you are sharing your gifts. Kathy

  25. I love your daughter’s picture – very cute! The strawberries are fantastic. I always love how you photograph your designs. You really pull the viewer into the photo and make them feel like they’re a part of it. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us! ~Sophia

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