Sea Shell Finale!

Seashell Finale 1 

Seashell Finale 2

There have been many sea shell drawings around my house lately, and they haven’t all been done by me.  My sea shell tag art has inspired my 7 year old and she has been sketching away.  This is just one more thing I love about starting this blog. It has pushed me to break out of my “shell” and start creating!  This in turn has affected my children in an extremely positive way.  My 13 year old is trying to take more interesting photos and my 7 year old is trying to draw the giant conch.   

Of course,  not everything I make for this blog is going to be a masterpiece.  You’ve seen that already.  Not every thing is going to look perfect or professional.  But it is motivating me to use the talents that I do have to inspire others, most especially my favorite artists right here at home.   

Seashell Finale 3

So what’s next? We’ve been learning about monochromatic color schemes in our art lessons recently.  We’ve also been reading through Proverbs in our family devotionals. So there’s two hints for now–stay tuned!   

Seashell Finale 4

Seashell Finale 5

Seashell Finale 6

Seashell Finale 7


  1. Tuesdays this summer are “nature journal” mornings over here, and we are going to try stampin and other crafts on Thursdays. i’ll be watching for that Proverbs/monochromatic inspiration! I keep forgetting to show Em your drapery drawing from the wedding mag — I know it will inspire her.
    Thanks for sharing with us,

  2. Scarlett Clay

    That sounds fun! I hope I can see some of those summer creations!

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