Sea Shell Tag #12 –the end.

Sea Shell #12 1

Drawing these shells has been good practice.  Yes, it would’ve been so much easier to buy a unmounted sheet of shell stamps somewhere, but again, the goal was drawing practice.  So here is #12- A ‘skillets macron’ shell, to be exact.

Sea Shell #12 2

The piece of Bible text is taken from Exodus-the subtitle reads “Passage of the Red Sea”.  I liked the way these dyed paper making pieces look a little like seaweed, or something you would see washed up on shore.

Sea Shell #12 3

I’ve been looking at art blogs all weekend and as I did, it dawned on me that the pics in my posts have been so small up till now.  Why? I have no idea.  I suppose I just didn’t know my options seeing as how I’m still pretty new to this whole thing.  Anyway, I found the “large” option and will now post my pics bigger and better!  I’m thankful for the all the awesome blogs out there that help me raise my bar.

Sea Shell #12 4

Next up will be the Sea Shell finale,  in which I put all these hand drawn shell tags together and take a group photo before I start giving them away!

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  1. I think this one is my favorite. Cool!

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