‘Simply Adorned’ Charms

This is one of my favorite things.

Stampin’ Up offers these awesome  locket charms and I LOVE mine so much.

They are little glass covered frames that you can put your miniature creations in: poems, collages, photos, keepsakes,etc… 


And then wear it as a charm on a necklace or bracelet.

You can also hang it anywhere for a unique and artistic accent. I like to hang it around my glass lamp when I’m not wearing it.

Mine is always changing. I used to have a piece of Bible text that was meaningful to me in it, and I’ve had several photos of Knox in it, too. 

I was thinking it might be kind of fun to make a tiny replica of my ‘Endless Summer’ ATCs to put in and wear to the swap!


  1. Melanie Keel

    These are simply adorable, so elegant looking!! Love those, and you!!

    • bscarlettc

      @Melanie–I’m going to change this out for a picture of Knoxy for his birthday party so you can see it this week! 🙂 Love, Scarlett

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