“Skating to a Valentine Party”

A little Valentine drawing for my daughter…

Made some changes and added lots of hearts: on her coat, on her shoestrings, on her hat,and stuffed in her pockets for her friends at the party. She’s also got a big Valentine for her best friend…behind her back.  🙂

Drew over the lines with permanent pens…

Used “Cretacolor Aquarellith” watercolor pencils to color…

Have a toasty weekend!

We’re due to have snow flurries tomorrow? Can it be true? 🙂


  1. This is gorgeous Scarlett, you’re so talented!

  2. WOW!!! You are SUCH a good artist!!! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love love love! 🙂

  3. You are so talented; I love this drawing, the colors, the sentiment and unique
    memory now etched and colored beautifully~ Really beautiful work!

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