Spring Treat Baskets Made With Paper Plates

This blog forever dances over the line that divides art from craft and then skips back across it again.

What is the difference between the two, anyway? I have a hard time nailing it down, but I know I love them both.

Not long ago, I would’ve defined a work as ‘art’  based on the skill level it took to create it; now I define it more by the raw creativity of the concept.  Now, the fact that I’ve never seen it before, or ever conceived of the possibility of the design, is what strikes me as ‘art’ .

I have a board on Pinterest called “Art is…”.  I only pin projects that I find truly creative and inspiring. You can see some of them here.

No serious art in my post today, however, just spring craftiness.

We’ve been having warmer weather, and what with the appearance of Cadbury Eggs on the store shelves, I’m ready to wave a fond farewell to winter.

***You know you love Cadbury Eggs when you’re in the store and happily pick up a box of 4 to purchase.  Meanwhile, your daughter has turned around and noticed a case of Cadbury Eggs that a stocker has left unattended.  She then turns to you with all seriousness and suggests, “Mom, just save yourself some trouble and get a box of 48.”  🙂

These little baskets were made with the dessert sized paper plates.

There are a zillion ways you could make these using all kinds of fun supplies.

I made three, each in a different style.  Hope you like them!















  1. OH Those are brilliant, love that so creative! Especially do love the mossy one with the butterfly and quote!

    OOH and I spy twine? Love it! 😀

    Have a great week Scarlett, all the best to you and your family!

  2. It ‘s useless, you’re a genius! I adore you.

  3. LOVE these! You are a genius. I hope my granddaughters come visit so we can make these together before Easter! Thank you for sharing Scarlett.

    As far as art vs. craft…I don’t know either. I wrote a paper on it in college and ended up more confused. I think skill, originality and just the level of creativity defines it although I’m sure there are many ‘artists’ who would disagree 🙂

    • @Connie- I’m glad you like this project, thanks so much, Connie. I would love to read your paper, maybe you could post some excerpts from it sometime? I know what you mean, the more I try to define them both the more flustered I get. 🙂 Thanks so much for your visit!

  4. So true, I had my Isis mosaic dismissed as Craft when I entered it in the fair. It got a white ribbon and the very next week won Mosaic of the Month on an international site voted on by exceptional artists. Maybe Art or Craft depends on where you live?

    • @Floy –Yeah, that’s wierd, I’ve never considered any of your mosaics ‘crafts’? Or any of your beadwork either. My ‘New Beginning’ piece was accepted for the exhibit but the director said it leans toward the ‘craft’ side,too, so I just don’t know how to tell sometimes. Thanks, Floy, LOVE all your ART!! 🙂

  5. Well, just stop it. Is there anything you cannot do my sweet friend! Gorgeous baskets, I cannot believe you created those out of a paper plate. Are you kidding me?? Nothing you do is considered Craft. It’s all Art to me.

    Hope you have a great week – I’ll be thinking of ya’ll!
    Too Funny on the Case of Cadbury eggs…Sounds like something my daughter would have said, clever little thing!

  6. Hi Scarlett .. those are just great – love them – and you are so creative – but your Pinterist board shows your interest in art and creativity too ..

    Love the music too .. cheers Hilary

  7. I love them all! You certainly have taken “Craft” to an all time high. I have never seen this idea before, is it an original?

    • @Renee–Thanks so much! I’ve never seen this done but with the vastness of the internet, who knows? I have seen where you fold the plate in half, staple up the sides and add a handle..kind of like a ‘taco’ type purse for kids to make. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. These are GORGEOUS! I love the creative simplicity of them.

    Maybe I’ll make a bunch of these with the kids and fill them with treats instead of buying them a big ol’ Easter basket.

  9. Love them! In fact, I was thinking about what to do for the parents at an Easter egg hunt we’re organizing and I think this will be perfect.
    Thank you for stopping by to congratulate me. Cupcakes galore, I tell you.

  10. Melanie Keel

    So Sweet….love these too! Very cute…kinda like you!!

  11. Always amazing!!! xoxo

  12. What a fun project! Those turned out so cute:)

  13. Very clever Scarlett! I was trying to pick my favorite, but could not!
    They all have magic qualities!
    You are fun…I want a Taco Purse ;D

  14. Oh my goodness…these are beyond adorable!!!! You are such an inspiration. I love them aLL!
    I am so going to try to make some for Easter! Oh I love visiting you. xoxo Hugs

  15. Scarlett these are so beautiful!!!! This is such a wonderful and refreshing idea. Love all three baskets!!!! Thanks for the inspiration ~Sophia

  16. These are so precious, they remind me that Spring will soon be here. I always think of art as free flowing and craft as technical.

  17. Scarlett, how do you do this? Lovely as are you!

  18. jennifer jaminet

    Scarlett, those are beautiful sometimes its so comforting to create something that makes you smile. keep creating you are very talented.

    • @jennifer –I’m so happy you found my blog. I hope I can see you soon, I would love to visit with you again. Thanks for your sweet words, this blog and all my artsy stuff really helps me these days. Take care and give N. a hug, Scarlett

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