Red Bird, Blue Rain

DSCF4006Loosely apply thick acrylic paint to glass and then lay on top of Bristol paper. This paper is 11″ x 14″.

Gently lift glass and let paint dry.

Repeat printing with cloud designs two more times.  Cut smaller clouds from the re-prints, arrange them on top and adhere to paper with 3D mounting tape.  Print and cut out a yellow sun and red bird and add with permanent adhesive.DSCF4007 DSCF4025 DSCF4023


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~Scarlettred bird, blue rain

Large Sea Painting For My Room

This was the miniature sea painting that inspired the 30″ X 40″ canvas for my bedroom.

Quite a difference in size!

I don’t have an art studio so when I need to paint something large it winds up being painted in the bathroom. (sigh)

I mixed up the paint colors as close to the soft colors in my new bedding as possible. The paints were also mixed with a generous amount of soft gel medium.


Determined to keep this project simple,I only painted three areas of color: sand, sea, and sky.

I experimented with my cake frosting spatula.  I liked the way it smoothed out the color across the canvas.

Using a paper towel, I rubbed some space out of the sky and brushed some muted yellow into the spaces for the sun.

Here’s the picture that’s been in my room forever and doesn’t go with the new bedding.

And here’s the new picture I painted in about an hour, mixing up the colors to match myself.

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Turtle Painting for Knox

I’m FINALLY done!

Here are some of the photos I took during my progress.  My studio was my bedroom floor…



I decided at this point to make a barely perceptible face on the girl.  If you walk by and just glance at the painting you’ll never notice it, but it you studied it for a minute, you’ll see her compassion…


A special turtle painting just for my sweet Knoxy!

And here’s my little turtle dumpling telling what he thinks of mommy’s art.

When you have kids, you always have fans.  :)

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Painted Butterfly Luggage Tag

Does this luggage tag say ‘fun and adventure’  to you?

Nope, I didn’t think so, either.

I’m already anticipating lots of fun and adventure as we travel to both worldwide Cockayne Syndrome retreats this summer.  The first one’s in California and the second,  in North Wales, England.  These are special opportunities to meet a few other families walking down the same road we are with Cockayne Syndrome.

The butterfly is a symbol for children with CS, so I wanted to make some special butterfly luggage tags.

I sent a photo in for the Cloth, Paper, Scissors luggage tag challenge but realized the next day that I had mis-read the deadline (I confess, this is a recurring theme in my artistic story).  Oh well, I’ll keep my eyes open for upcoming challenges.

I cut some butterfly wings out of grunge paper and gathered my paints. Calling what I do here a ‘technique’ may be a stretch, but I always love the results.

I squeezed some pretty blobs onto my cookie sheet…

Then I blend the blobs, just until the edges of the colors begin to mix.

Then I take the grunge paper wings and play around with them: pressing them down into the paint, moving them around,  and bringing them straight up from the paint to dry.  I love the swirly patterns and the texture when it dries.

Here are the dried wings…


A piece of thick cardboard became the body of the butterfly. I painted it black and wrapped it with 18 gauge wire.

I punched holes into the wings and wired them onto the body.

A magenta heart and decorative heart clip were added onto the front with a large jump ring.

A metal ring was added to the top to secure it to our bag.

I stamped our address information in white onto the back of the wings.

Now this is more like it!

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Looking forward to…

Illustrating Poetry-“The Road Less Taken” by Robert Frost

Starting with a cardboard box, my young artist began to create a scene to illustrate one of the well-known poems we’ve read this week:

“The Road Less Taken” by Robert Frost.

She collected some twigs from outside and using some glue, added Flower-Soft  to some of the small branches.

She cut a hill out of cardboard, painted it brown, and mounted it into her box with foam tape.

Then she started adding her trees.  To speed up the project I plugged in the hot-glue gun and helped a bit.

The scene began to take shape as we added more twiggy trees…

We gathered up the Flower-Soft that had fallen onto the table and sprinkled it around the trees.

The diverging road was then painted into the scene…



And then she painted a bit more around the road less taken, “Because it was grassy and wanted wear”…

My young artist is not terribly enthusiastic about poetry these days, so this type of hands-on art project is just the thing to keep her interested and help her remember the material we’ve been learning.

I can hear the cold front blowing in right now as I type.  We may have our first hot chocolate of the season tomorrow!

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