Altered Travel Folder

I took a plain manila folder and altered it for our upcoming trip.  I’m taking Knox to the UK f0r an annual retreat held for families with children affected by Cockayne Syndrome.  This will be our first time to attend the conference. It’s going to be a special trip so I want everything to be memorable.  I already made a cool butterfly luggage tag for my bag.

I’ll put the hard copies of our flight information, itinerary, etc. in this folder.

Here are some photos of the process…


The butterfly is the symbol for children with Cockayne Sydrome.





Can’t wait for our trip! We’re so excited to meet and hug our many new friends.

Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

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Elmer Gets A Makeover

To my old faithful Elmer’s glue:

You’ve been such a great adhesive over the years.  There’s no telling how many projects you’ve held together for me.  You’ve stuck around for years and I’m continually amazed at your versatility. However,  as much as I rely on you week after week, the truth is, you haven’t aged gracefully.  Your label is cracked and tearing, and, through no fault of your own, you have become quite uninspiring to look at.  It’s time to face the facts: You need a quick makeover. don’t you feel like a whole new glue?  :)