Cards Using Kid’s Paint Palettes

 The paper palettes left behind after my kids paint are incredible. I never throw them away.

Colors swirl and mix, leaving textures and patterns I couldn’t have made intentionally.

Their old palette papers made beautiful cards. 

I used my circle and butterfly punches and then added words clipped from newspapers.

And this last card was made using the scraps from the scraps! 

 And it’s my favorite.

For me, art is medicine. 

It makes me feel better, so this is my new tag line.

These cards will be for sale in my new Etsy shop for Cockayne Syndrome as soon as I can list them.  I made envelopes out of recycled newsprint for them so they’re very ‘green’.

Click here to shop for cards.

“I’ve Forgotten My Lines”


If you don’t know what to say to me these days, it’s OK.

I don’t know what to say, either.  I’ve forgotten all my usual lines and

can’t seem to come up with any new ones.

Does anyone have a script I can borrow for this next act?

Drawing from Wedding Magazines

drwaing from wedding mag. 1

Time to take a break from my camera and get back to some drawing.  As frustrating as editing photos can be, it’s nothing compared to the challenges of drawing by hand.  There are so many things I would love to draw, but the task would be so time consuming I never even start.  The point of this article is to encourage all of you artists out there not to neglect the pencil.  Drawing by hand refines observation skills and this will transfer over into all other areas, including photography. 

One of my favorite ways to practice drawing is to draw from wedding magazines.  These magazines are usually packed with beautiful photography of all kinds, but especially fabric.  Pleated fabric, ruffled fabric, layered and textured fabric.  Shiny buttons, glistening jewels, and intricate beading are other challenges readily available in these magazines.  There’s nothing like trying to draw a woman in a designer wedding dress to give your fingers, eyes, and brain a good workout. 

Here’s an example of a simple dress with lots of drapes and folds. 

drawing from wedding mag. 2

Drawing from wedding mag. 3

They say art makes you smarter,so why not try to sketch a billowing bridal gown or two before that next exam?

Posh Postal Tubes

Mailing Tubes 1

Looking for a unique way to package a gift? Postal mailing tubes are fun to work with and best of all, they often show up in your mailbox, FREE.    Here I have three that I recently “dolled up” in black and white.

These are my favorite kind to work with.  You can either use some of your favorite paper to line the inside (like the black and white striped one with clear ends) or leave it clear to show off the contents.  I added a bit of variety and punched grommets around the top end-caps and then tied some assorted fibers around the top and tied on some more stuff to add interest. 

Mailing Tubes 2

Mailing Tubes 6

One of my favorite embelishments to use at the moment are puzzle pieces. I purchased a kid’s puzzle maker for my 6 year old and I have wound up using it quite a bit!  You can make any postcard or photo into a puzzle and then use the pieces like tiny tags. 

Mailing Tubes 4

 I had a little more fun with the larger one. I took apart an old watch and used the face for a tag and the band to add flair to the tube.  I stamped some black paper with Stampin’ Up’s “Word Search” Background Stamp (retired) in white ink.  Wouldn’t it be cool to fill this with some personalized word searches for someone fixing to go on a trip?

Mailing Tubes 3

Mailing Tubes 7