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Baby Turtle and the IKEA Lamp

Another custom baby turtle painting finished for a special little boy in Wales, UK. This colorful canvas if for a little boy who reminds me so much of my Knox, that my heart jumps with joy every time I see his photo on Facebook.  He could be Knox’s twin!  He’s […]

Art With Children, Painting

Red Bird, Blue Rain

Loosely apply thick acrylic paint to glass and then lay on top of Bristol paper. This paper is 11″ x 14″. Gently lift glass and let paint dry. Repeat printing with cloud designs two more times.  Cut smaller clouds from the re-prints, arrange them on top and adhere to paper […]

Mixed-Media Art

Girl with Kites

Just playing around with some of my paint cards from Home Depot.  I’m trying to come up with some new designs for a mosaic. By the time I finished this, I decided it would be better as a painting. Or maybe a design for cards?   Thanks for stopping by! […]


Turtle Mini Canvas

This little drawing in my sketch book was perfect for a mini canvas. I drew on the design in pen first… Started adding some color on with my Inktense pencils… Let the fun begin with the water-pen… Added in detail and outline with pen… Added a bit more green to […]

Children's Art Books

“Art Is…” by Bob Raczka

Here’s another must have for your children’s art library. “Art Is…” by Bob Raska is a great introduction to art. The format is simple. Each page features the repeated completion of the sentence, “Art is..,” using examples from varied styles, forms, and cultures. Here are a few samples from the book: There are […]