Easy Drawing Activity for Kids- Pantry Favorites


I asked my young artist to pick his favorite things from the pantry for this easy drawing activity. Of course, he picked all the junk food! We set up the items on some white paper and put a large sheet in the background to eliminate visual distractions. This was challenging and fun!  He did a great job looking closely at the lines and deciding which details to include.  He chose colored pencils to add color to his drawing, and when it was finished,  he promptly dismantled the arrangement and had a snack!  :)


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DSCF5453 DSCF5457





JC pantry art

Little Turtle in a Castle


Last summer, I visited a very special friend of mine in Wales.  He has Cockayne Syndrome, like my little Knox did, and he lives in a lovely castle by the sea with his family. I love him very much and painted this turtle painting for him to celebrate the special bond our families will always share.  Notice the Welsh and Texas flags flying together from the tip of his toy castle!

This is the 4th turtle painting I’ve done for CS children around the world. You can see the one I painted for angels in California, Germany, and France.

Turtles remind me of my little boy~I paint these with his memory in my heart and send them out with my love.

The painting was created on an 8″ x 8″ wrapped canvas.
DSCF3632 DSCF3635





The details for the banner were taken directly from the banner in his room.DSCF3649


And this little bear was in his stroller.DSCF3694

Love from the Lone Star State, USA!

Painting this tiny red dragon for the Welsh flag was tricky. I had a photo on my phone to guide me, but then I realized I had to paint it backwards since I put the flag poles on the right hand side!  DSCF3667





Sending all my love across the ocean today to my precious little friend and his family in Wales, UK.

I love you, Thomas ~Scarlett (Knox’s mom)
for TB 1

Easy Self-Portraits for Kids



Didn’t these turn out awesome!?  It’s an easy and rewarding self-portrait project for students!

Graphite paper is the key to allowing younger students to obtain a good likeness of themselves. I found some good graphite paper at Hobby Lobby, next to the pencils in the art supply section.

My  young artists ranged from 2nd – 4th grade and we did this as an end-of-the-year project on our last day of school.


1. You will need photos of each student printed out on 8.5 x 11 paper. I took pics on my phone the week before and got them printed at Office Max. They don’t need to be in color.

2. Teach the students to use graphite paper to transfer their likeness onto white cardstock.

*Eyes, irises and pupils, eyebrows, bottom line of nose, lips, face outline and outline of hair and clothing.

Make a Graphite Sandwich:

*White cardstock on the bottom

*Graphite paper on top (shiny side down)

*Their photo on the top

*Use masking tape to tape your graphite “sandwich” to the table so the photo doesn’t shift when they trace their features. We used pencils to trace features.

3.Go over traced lines with black Sharpie.

4. Divide hair into sections. Odd numbers look best.

5. Add lines, curved and moving along the lines of the head and face. They can be creative and add any patterns they like.

6. Color with markers.

*It’s best not to trace the teeth. It looks weird.

Here are process photos for the sample I made for them to look at. I also made a second one using different colors.  There are so many fun ways to color and add patterns to your pop-art self portrait! Have fun!


DSCF2461 DSCF2463

Instruct students NOT to trace the teeth. I left them out on the second sample and I like it much better!DSCF2466
DSCF2470 DSCF2480

pop art 3

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Watercolor Butterflies with Crayon Resist


After looking at some pictures of butterflies and different vein patterns, my young artists created their own beautiful butterflies.  This is a great project for elementary children.  For reluctant drawers, I cut out a few stencils to use as a pattern. (FREE pattern below)

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What you need:

White Cardstock

Black Cardstock (heavy weight)

Black crayons, White crayons

Watercolors, Cups, Brushes

Glue and Scissors

Butterfly patterns (optional)




Here’s the FREE butterfly pattern:
butterfly pattern 1
Written instructions follow the photos, thanks for looking at this project. Happy painting!


This butterfly is a different pattern. I made 3 different samples for them to look at.DSCF0750


DSCF0770 DSCF0773 DSCF0778 DSCF0794 DSCF0799

buttefly project bbutterfly watercolor 1

“Art Is…” by Bob Raczka

Here’s another must have for your children’s art library.

“Art Is…” by Bob Raska is a great introduction to art.

The format is simple. Each page features the repeated completion of the sentence, “Art is..,” using examples from varied styles, forms, and cultures. Here are a few samples from the book:

There are many other examples with styles and periods ranging from ancient Greek Pottery to Picasso’s bull.

LOVE this book! There are more pages available for viewing at the Amazon listing.