Published in Germany’s “Das Haus/Ideen Magazin” 2017

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The holidays came and whizzed by so quickly, I hardly had a chance to decorate my own tree! I’m a bit behind on my blog.

For posterity (*my kids*) I wanted to post about the honor I had of having my “Cupcake Liner Butterflies” published in Germany in 2017.

Das Haus’ Ideen Magazin is a wonderful publication in Germany with engaging pictures and wonderfully creative ideas. I only wish I spoke German! It is a compliment to the publishers that the magazine is so engaging, even to a non-German speaker. It’s a lovely magazine from cover to cover!

I want to thank the publishers of Ideen Magazin for including my project in this publication. I was surprised and delighted to have my first international publication and they did a terrific job including just the right photos and tutorial information.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy 2018!










Uno Que Falta (One Missing)

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DSCF3374 DSCF3375

DSCF3378 DSCF3377 DSCF3383 DSCF3561



Over the last 18 months, I’ve continued to use art and painting to process the loss of my young son.

This painting is another attempt to convey my feelings.  It’s simple, really. Having three living children does not diminish the loss of my youngest.

Geese often represent providence in Christian art.  Surrounded by these three geese, which represent my living children, I’m forced to face the realization that the same God who gives, also takes away.  Attempting to answer the unanswerable questions that come with tragedies such as this, I’ve often turned my back to faith and held onto sorrow.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art. ~Scarlett

uno que falta 1

Little Turtle By the Sea


Another baby turtle for a special little girl in Germany. Her mother gave me some of her favorites to work from: the colors pink and purple, and the sea-side with sunshine and seashells.

Just like the baby turtle with cheetah print that I painted for Miss B in California, this turtle was custom designed.  It makes me so happy to paint these little turtles.  I feel Knox close to me and I get so much joy from being able to give something to the amazing children we’ve met from all over the world.

The base is a 6″ x 6″ wrapped canvas.  The design was painted in acrylic with details added using a ZIG pen ( .o3), and then the piece was coated 3 times with gloss varnish.










Thanks so much for stopping by.

I painted a scene from my trip to Liverpool in June. I’ll be posting the process photos and the finished result next.

See all of my sketches, photos, and works in progress on my FB page.

Have a great weekend.  ~Scarlett

turtle on the beach 1

Julie with her painting 1