Candy Corn Queen 2013

This is the 4th Annual Candy Corn Queen!  This year, she’s a pirate queen of the high seas, vastly contented on an island with her chest full of golden candy.

And once I got the hat right, it was smooth sailing.  :)  

If I were to be stranded on a deserted island, I would hope to have my Copics with me.  Love these markers!

Thank you for coming by and seeing my art! I appreciate the visit!

Kid’s Autumn Tree Pictures

With a stack of colorful marbled papers from the last post, my young artists were ready to make autumn leaves.

Using a simple cardboard stencil we cut out colorful leaves from our papers.

I gave them each a large piece of white cardboard and told them to make a background for their trees.  We used the Neocolor watersoluble crayons. We love these because they go on smoothly and blend easily.

The little guy was marching to his own tune, as usual.

The 9 year old made a lovely gradient blue sky and green hills.

They blended their colors with damp paper towels.

My young Mary Cassatt painted a trunk and branches with chocolate brown acrylic paint.

After the backgrounds were blended they began adding leaves with all purpose glue.

I sketched a tree for my young Jackson Pollock  to work with. Then he got to work gluing on his leaves.  He told me his leaves were “falling down and down and down.”


The trees turned out great and they both enjoyed this art project a lot!

I hope you’re seeing beautiful fall colors (real or hand-made) wherever you are.

Easy Paper Marbling for Kid’s Fall Foliage Projects

Maybe it’s because of the drought.

Or maybe it’s because we didn’t fertilize last spring.

Whatever the reason, the trees around our house still haven’t started turning colors yet and it’s almost Thanksgiving!

I decided to let my young artist create some fall colors of her own to use in fall art projects.

She scooped about 5 tblsp. of methyl cellulose into a pan with an inch of water in it. This thickens the water so that paint will stay on top of the surface, like paper marbling but much simpler and without sizing the paper ahead  of time.  Laundry starch does the same thing.

After the water thickened, she began to squeeze different paint colors into the pan.

She used a marbling comb made out of cardboard and toothpicks to gently rake through the paint.

She put the paper carefully on the surface and then gently pulled it up.

The papers come up with awesome gorgeous colors!  This is so fun and rewarding.  My young artist made a lot of beautiful papers, thoroughly enjoying the process of creating different color combinations and different patterns.

Here are some of our favorites:


The papers were hung up to dry in the backyard overnight.


And this post is getting long so…

I’ll show you the colorful autumn pictures created using these papers next!


Candy Corn Queen 2011

She started out as a sketch on tracing paper, just like last year. I decided on an Elizabethan style queen and  initially sketched out a castle along with her….but I changed my mind on the castle later on.

After the basic sketch was done, I made a copy of it, and began drawing in all of the details of her costume, adding candy corn wherever I could.

Instead of a crown, I drew a rose that matched the rose pattern on her under-dress, and put it in her hair

I cut her out, made some more copies, and started playing around with some different color combinations.  It’s amazing how many different ways you can color something with just black, yellow, and orange.

A more serene background, with a large moon and birds flying in the distance, allows the queen to become the central focus of the picture.

I think I might need some better glasses! Good grief, I was going cross-eyed coloring these tiny candy corn!

At this point I thought she needed something else to make her costume fancier.

Then I remembered “Hello Doily!” I ordered this stamp from Stampin’ Up a few weeks back and hadn’t used it yet.

Is this a gorgeous stamp or what?

It was the perfect size for a layer of lace behind her collar, and a single section of the doily became a small lacey fan.  It’s so cool when stuff works out like this!

Used my extra small x-acto knife to cut out her finger just enough to ‘hold’ the fan handle.

Used some ‘Black Soot’ Distressing Ink to color the background. These inks have become one of my all time favorite products ever, I use them constantly.

Now she seemed complete in all of her candied splendor…..she just needed a little SPARKLE.


She’s finished! And I hope you have some fresh candy corn to enjoy this weekend!

You know I do.  :)

Candy Corn Queen 2010

My daughter was eating some candy corn and remarked how fun it would be to make candy corn jewelry.

Then I remarked how fun it would be to try to draw a lovely Candy Queen completely covered in candy corn accessories.

And now, for the rest of the story…

 I drew the original on tracing paper so I could play around with some different backgrounds.  I thought a bright orange sun looked cool behind her and I also decided to change the crown design for this one.

And the Queen has to have jewels.

I made the second Queen using the original crown design.  I stamped old handwriting all over a sheet of cardstock and then layered the original drawing over it.  Then I stamped some birds onto transparency pieces and moved them around until I liked the way it looked.

I turned it into a card and stamped an envelope to match. Because of the size of the drawing, however,  I had to cut most of the wing off so I knew I needed to reduce the image before making more cards.

*is anyone actually reading this? *  :)

Of course, the reduce/enlarge feature on my printer busted as I attempted the first one,  SO I had to take them to Office Max and get some reduced color copies made.  The colors were altered quite a bit by their printer.

*note to self*

Get a new printer.